Leak Diverter Complete Kit (100cm x 100cm)

Our Leak Diverter Kits are a fantastic way to control leaks, protecting machinery from water damage and workers from slip accidents.

As slips are one of the most common types of workplace accidents, preventing wet floors during challenging weather conditions should be a critical part of your health and safety policy.

With our complete leak diverter kits, managing this risk is now easier than ever.

Included in the kit;

  • Water collection funnel taps
  • 80L collection reservoir
  • Hose and fittings
  • 4 Adjustable straps

To use our leak diverter kits, simply use the included adjustable straps to hang the funnel tarp from the ceiling. Leaking water will be collected in the funnel to flow down a hose and into a collection reservoir.

Features and Benefits;

  • Strong waterproof fabric
  • Eyelets at 50cm intervals
  • Central drainage point
  • Takes standard UK Hozelock fittings
  • Easy to hang from roof and ceiling fittings
  • Hanging straps, 5 metre hose and hose fittings
  • Strong water collection reservoir

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