Mobile Yellow COSHH Cabinet

The Mobile Yellow COSHH Cabinet is a high-quality, secure storage cabinet for hazardous materials, dangerous chemicals, and flammables. The cabinet has durable casters, enabling the unit to be pushed or moved into position. It ensures companies comply with their legal obligations for storage of hazardous substances.

Key features and benefits

  • Instantly recognisable yellow powder coated exterior (with hazard labels).
  • Mobile indoor cabinet with casters for easy mobility when on-site.
  • Reinforced doors and two-point locking to prevent unauthorised access.
  • A liquid-tight design stops spillages leaking from inside the cabinet.
  • Fast and free UK delivery within 2 to 3 days.

A secure mobile cabinet for hazardous storage

Our Mobile Yellow COSHH Cabinet is the ideal storage solution for organisations who need to move the cabinet between different working spaces. Casters on the bottom of the cabinet enable reliable and safe mobile access. The durable, liquid-tight design stops spillages. The cabinet is also fire resistant for half an hour.

Two size options for different uses

Two height options are available to suit the needs of different companies. For users who need less height, the 81cm tall cabinet does the job nicely. For companies who need extra height, the 101cm tall cabinet is recommended. Both design options provide the same features to comply with relevant legislation.

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