Small Generator Drip Tray with Absorbent Mat

Our Spilltector generator drip trays are an effective way to safely contain oil and fuel drips from leaky generators and power packs. With it's unique absorbent mat, oils are soaked up and locked into the specially designed fibres, preventing the risk of contamination with the environment.

  • Size: Small - 70cm x 55cm x 10cm
  • Absorbency of 4 litres
  • Soaks up Oils and Fuels quickly and safely
  • Repels water, making it ideal for outdoor use
  • Reusable tray - Absorbent mats can be replaced
  • Flexible walled tray
  • Includes 1 absorbent mat

To use the generator drip trays, simply roll the equipment over the flexible sidewalls and on to the mat. The mat itself has a tough mesh top layer, so you don't have to worry about it being torn by the generator. When the mat is saturated with oil, replace it with a new mat so the tray can be reused with 100% efficiency.

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