Tacky Dust Mat Refill Pads

Tacky Dust Mats are a fantastic way to stop dust, dirt and other fine particles from entering a room, but eventually, the peel-off sheets will need to be replaced. Fortunately, our refill pads are readily available making it easy to replace used sheets.

The pad contains 60 numbered sheets, which measure 60cm x 76cm so can fit into standard frames (please check dimensions before ordering).

Choose from the blue or white colour depending on preference.


  • Peel-off film sheets - produced from a proprietary blend of polyolefin resins, each pad contains 60 layers of film, yet has a profile of less than 3mm
  • Pull tabs manufactured from polyester film and numbered consecutively ensuring removal of one layer at a time
  • Adhesive - Acrylic containing a nontoxic antimicrobial additive that provides protection against the growth of organisms including bacteria, mould and mildew. Approved by the United States FDA for food direct contact (21 CFR 175.105)

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