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Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd Control Barriers generally include barriers designed for use in areas where access by people needs to be controlled. These generally include belt barriers, which are useful in offices and production facilities, or rope barriers for a more executive look. For outdoor applications, we recommend using plastic barriers or trellis barriers.

Crowd Control Barriers are an essential piece of equipment for any event with a large gathering of people. They are commonly used at concerts, festivals and sporting events but are also useful for managing pedestrians in schools and workplaces.

Crowd Control Barriers help ensure people's safety by providing a physical barrier between them and any hazards nearby. Crowd Control Barriers are typically made from plastic or other lightweight materials, making them quick and easy to deploy wherever needed.

Temporary Barriers are often used in workplaces or outdoor events, whereas Belt Barriers and Rope Barriers are more common in offices, banks and similar settings.

What are the Benefits of Crowd Control Barriers?

Crowd control barriers manage the movements of staff, customers or public members, ensuring their safety in hazardous areas or simply keeping queues organised. The main benefits of Crowd Control Barriers are:

  • Keeping people away from an area. This can include blocking off a suitable distance from an exhibit, piece of machinery or even doorways, lifts and staircases. 
  • Marking out walkways and queue areas. This can be found in warehouses, where a walkway may be separated from a forklift/pallet truck path, extending a queue area outside a club or restaurant, or managing customers in a bank, post office or other busy customer areas. 
  • Highlighting and blocking off hazard areas. Use cases include marking out trip or fall hazards, water or oil spills awaiting clean-up and other areas that might present a risk of injuries, such as roadwork or construction sites.

With the right Crowd Control Barriers in place, you can reduce the risk of accidents occurring on your premises.

What Crowd Control Barriers are Best For Me? 

If you are looking for subtle but effective Crowd Control Barriers for high-end, luxurious areas (like a nightclub, VIP area, art gallery or museum, for example), then a rope barrier is the best option for you. Available in various rope colours and with metal stanchions and bases, these barriers lend a sense of grandeur to the area, whether you are blocking off doorways, specific seating areas, exhibits or even using longer runs to form queue areas. 

If you need a cleaner, clearer and more professional crowd control barrier, you might want to consider using retractable belt barriers. They are easy to deploy, alter or remove quickly, allowing you to form new queuing areas when required or allow temporary access for machinery, personnel or goods in industrial settings. 

When marking out hazards or setting up short-term walkways, you should consider temporary crowd control barriers. These include trellis-style barriers in highly visible colours, ideal for preventing pedestrian access to roadworks or building sites, plastic crowd barriers which are well suited to external use in high-traffic areas, and chain and post sets, which are available in red and white or yellow and black stripes to present a clear, versatile barrier.

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