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Removable Wall Mounted Pedestrian Safety Barrier

Protect employees and visitors from forklift trucks and other hazards with this Removable Wall Mounted Pedestrian Safety Barrier.

Manufactured from strong steel, the hooped barrier has highly visible yellow and black markings to alert pedestrians to the hazard, even from a distance. 

The safety barrier is fixed with bolts and can be easily removed to another wall. This allows it to be used for many years, even when workspace layouts change.

  • Strong steel, for excellent levels of protection
  • Powder coated, for a tough durable finish
  • Suitable for industrial indoor spaces
  • Reinforcing crossbar, for extra safety
  • Easily installed with bolts and removable


  • Widths: 100cm, 150cm and 200cm
  • Height: 100cm
  • Diameter: 48mm with 2mm wall thickness

Ideal for use in entrances, exits and other traffic areas, around machinery, loading docks and other hazardous zones, and around changes in floor levels and garage pits.

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