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Engineering Vices and Clamps

Our Engineering Vices and Clamps are essential tools for Workshops and metalworking. Choose from a selection of vices, from hobbyist and woodworking to professional daily use, all with a 1 year guarantee included. Buy your Engineering Vices online, or contact our sales team for advice and information.

Engineering Vices and Clamps - More Information

Engineering vice in vertical driller

What are Engineering Vices and Clamps and what are they used for? 

Our Engineering Vices and Clamps work by holding materials and workpieces securely in place for operations such as drilling, cutting, sawing, planing, and other manipulation, making them integral tools for woodworking, metalworking and even DIY garage use. They can be fixed permanently to a workbench using bolts, or simply adjusted using clamps, depending on the model.

What Engineering Vices and Clamps are in the First Mats Range? 

Our wide range includes jaw drill vices, fixed-base vices, compound vices, hobby vices and woodworking vices. We also stock soft jaws which can be fitted to models with replaceable jaws.

Our Jaw Drill Vices are fitted to vertical drillers to prevent materials moving or slipping, allowing for better safety and precision. We have two Jaw Drill Vices to choose from: Standard Jaw Drill Vices (with a choice of 5 jaw widths: 65mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm) and our Super Jaw Drill Vices (with a choice of either a 100mm or 120mm jaw width). Both of these models feature replaceable steel jaws and a machined foot for straightforward fitting and adjustment.

We also stock a variety of Fixed-Base Workbench Vices. Constructed from tough cast iron and featuring a built-in anvil, these can be fitted to a workbench using bolts to provide a solid, stable installation. They’re available in a choice of four jaw widths, and all feature replaceable jaws.

Our Compound Cross Vices feature a swivel base and two-axis adjustment. Designed with precision work in mind, they have clear and accurate (±0.05mm) lateral and longitudinal scale system allowing for minute adjustments to orientation. Our Professional Cross Vices feature a similarly clear and accurate (±0.05mm) lateral and longitudinal scale system. Both models are available with jaw widths of either 100mm or 150mm.

For smaller projects or home use, consider our Dovetail Hobby Vice. Its cast iron construction and 50mm jaw are suitable for a wide range of work, and it handily adjusts to mount to tables and work surfaces, making it portable too.

If you are looking for a larger jaw width and tougher construction for DIY use, check out our Steel Fabricated Vices, available in a choice of three larger jaw widths: 100mm, 125mm and 150mm.

We also stock Soft Jaws, which are suitable for protecting soft materials requiring clamping, such as wood or certain types of metal. These soft jaws are available in three sizes and are compatible with a range of our removable jaw vices, including our Fixed Base Professional Heavy Duty Vices, Fabricated Vices and our SG Iron Industrial Vices.

Please see our full selection of engineering vices and clamps for more variety and find to the right vice or clamp to suit your needs.

Why should I buy Engineering Vices and Clamps from First Mats? 

All of the products in our range of vices and clamps feature a 1-year guarantee against breakage. We stand behind our products, and you can buy from First Mats with confidence: take a look at our 4.9/5 star Trustpilot reviews from our many satisfied customers.