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Heaters and Dehumidifiers

Our diverse range of Heaters and Dehumidifiers includes products for homes and offices up to workshops and warehouse spaces. Being portable, all of our Heaters and Dehumidifiers give you the flexibility to generate more heat where it's needed.

Heaters and Dehumidifiers - More Information

Industrial Dehumidifier

What are Heaters and Dehumidifiers?

Heaters and Dehumidifiers from our Tools and Supplies collection are used to heat a room and/or remove moisture from the air. They can be used in offices, industrial buildings, garages, workshops or at home. Some products also feature fan only modes, which can be used for cooling.

How do Heaters and Dehumidifiers work?

Heaters work by using powered heating elements to raise the temperature in a room or workspace. Some heaters feature a fan which helps to distribute the heat over a large area. Heaters often include a thermostat that can be set to a specific temperature, which allows the heater to be turned off when a certain temperature is reached and turned back on again when the temperature falls below a certain level. This means that a constant temperature can be maintained.

Dehumidifiers work by removing excess moisture from the air. The excess water is collected in a tank or container which can easily be empty when needed. Some dehumidifiers also feature a drain hose allowing them to be used continuously.

What are the benefits of using Heaters and Dehumidifiers?

The benefits of heaters include being able to raise the temperature in workspaces, particularly during cold weather, and being able to use a thermostat to maintain a consistent temperature. This can help you to meet health and safety requirements to keep temperatures at a comfortable level for employees. It can also help to ensure that machinery and other workplace items continue to work efficiently during cold weather. Some heaters also include a fan only mode, meaning that cool air can be circulated when needed.

Dehumidifiers help to control moisture levels in the air. This helps to control the growth of mould and mildew, ensuring a comfortable and safe working environment.

Which Heaters and Dehumidifiers are in the First Mats range?

We offer a very wide range of heaters and dehumidifiers to suit a variety of different workspaces and different requirements. These include simple and compact mobile oil filled radiators through to industrial fan heaters and dehumidifiers.

Oil Filled Radiators

Our Mobile Oil Filled Radiators come in a range of different sizes and specifications, from an 800W mini radiator up to a 2500W radiator with built in timer. These radiators feature full thermostatic heat control with heat elements designed to maximise the area of heated surface, which transfers more heat to the atmosphere. They are ideal for use in the office or at home.

Industrial Fan Heaters

Our range of Industrial Fan Heaters are ideal for use in industrial buildings. They can distribute heat over a large area and most have at least two heat settings, plus a fan only mode. Our Industrial Fan Heaters are powerful and robust ranging from a 2kW model up to a 30kW model.


We also have a range of dehumidifiers, including 10L and 20L Dehumidifiers suitable for the office or home. They feature a drain hose for continuous operation and an adjustable timer, so they can be programmed according to your needs.

Alternatively, our Industrial Dehumidifiers range from 30L to 70L and they are suitable for larger spaces, such as industrial units and warehouses. They will efficiently remove moisture from the air and also feature an auto-defrost function which activates if the temperature falls too low, making them an ideal choice for maintaining stable conditions in your work environment.

Why buy Heaters and Dehumidifiers from First Mats?

All the Heaters and Dehumidifiers in our range come with a 1 year guarantee. Our high quality products as well as our excellent customer service is reflected in our Trustpilot score of 4.8 out of 5.

If you have any questions about our Heaters and Dehumidifiers, or about any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team.