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Mechanic Seats

Our Mechanic Seats provide a secure and comfortable seat for mechanics, technicians, and machinists to use when working with vehicles or machinery. These specially designed seats are designed to work in challenging environments, with strong materials used to maximise durability. Our Mechanic Seat models include a 1-year quality guarantee and free mainland UK delivery on orders over £45.

Mechanic Seats - More Information

Mechanic Seat In Use

What are Mechanic Seats?

Mechanic seats from our Tools and Supplies collection provide a secure and comfortable place to sit for mechanics, technicians and machinists to work close to or underneath machinery and vehicles. Often manufactured with a steel framework, mechanic seats are padded for comfort.

How does a Mechanic Seat work?

  • Mechanic Seats often have no arms to hinder movement or restrict access to the equipment / vehicle being worked on.
  • Many have a gas sprung height adjuster, operated by a lever, that allows the seat to be raised and lowered as needed.
  • Swivel-action seats and castors allow for easy movement
  • Built-in tool storage is another popular feature.

What are the benefits of a Mechanic Seat?

  • A mechanic seat provides a comfortable seat, reducing strain, particularly when working for long stretches.
  • Many mechanic seats are height-adjustable, which means that they can be precisely positioned for the job in hand - again, reducing worker fatigue.
  • Most mechanic seats have a swivel function plus castors, which makes it easy to reach different parts of the machine / vehicle being worked on and other parts of the workshop while sitting on the chair.
  • Low-level creeper seats offer a safe and easy way of working underneath vehicles and machinery.
  • Many mechanic seats incorporate tool trays or even whole toolboxes, ensuring that tools are readily at hand and keeping the working area tidy and free of potential trip hazards.

Which Mechanic Seats are in the First Mats range?

We have a wide range of Mechanic Seat models to suit different workshops and tasks:

Mobile Mechanic Seats 

Most of our Mechanic Seat models move on castors, including the Gas Sprung Mechanic's Seat with Wheels in both Basic and Pro versions and the Mechanics Rolling Seat with Toolbox, which has two folding slide trays and a screwdriver storage rack. Our Rolling Mechanic's Utility Seat and Step Stool, also on castors, has a vinyl padded seat and an integrated step stool, for working at height.  Mobile mechanics seat in use

Static Mechanic Seats

If you are looking for a Mechanic Seat that is static, we have the Steel Workshop Stool with Swivel Seat, which rotates fully through 360°, and the Heavy Duty Workshop Stool - Height Adjustable. Both have a strengthening ring to keep the stool stable; the ring also acts as a useful footrest.

Creeper Seats

We also have several Creeper Seats, such as the Workshop Creeper Stool with Swivel Seat and the Steel Pro Creeper Seat with 6 Wheels. All are ergonomically designed to be used for long periods while working underneath a vehicle or machine.

Industrial Seats

Finally, we have a number of different mechanic seat options designed for industrial use. These include:

  • High-height revolving stools suited to personnel who spend extended periods standing
  • Extra-wide chairs designed for maximum comfort
  • Easy-to-clean seating ideal for use in food or healthcare-based sites
  • Electro-static dissipating chairs that are perfect for environments sensitive to static electricity