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Pressure Washers

Our Pressure Washers provide high-power cleaning for use in a wide range of settings and applications. Most of our Pressure Washers are portable, meaning you can take the cleaning power to wherever it is needed. Our range includes Electric and Petrol Pressure Washers from 105 to 220 bar, with a 1 year guarantee and free UK delivery on all models.

Pressure Washers - More Information

Pressure washer in use

What are Pressure Washers?

Pressure Washers are designed for high intensity cleaning in outdoor areas. They are often used for cleaning windows, patios, decking and vehicles, and they can be used for domestic or commercial/industrial applications.

How do Pressure Washers work?

Pressure Washers work by providing a high pressure stream of water which can be used for easy and effective cleaning. They are either attached to a water supply or feature a tank, and then the water is pumped through a hose. The water is pumped using a motor which can be powered via battery, mains power or diesel. They usually feature a number of different attachments for different cleaning applications and many have the facility to add detergent.

What are the benefits of using Pressure Washers?

Pressure Washers allow easy and highly effective cleaning. They are usually portable featuring wheels and/or a carry handle, so they can be easily be moved into position when in use, and are also easy to store. Some pressure washers feature a tank which makes them ideal for use in places where there is no water supply; others also feature a 12V socket plug for powering from a vehicle or a rechargeable battery, ideal for use in places where there is no power supply.

Which Pressure Washers are in the First Mats range?

We have a diverse range of Pressure Washers in our collection which are perfect for a wide range of different applications, including domestic and commercial uses.

We offer a range of highly portable pressure washers, ideal for use where there is no water or power supply. For example, our Portable Rechargeable Pressure Washer features a rechargeable lead acid battery and a 17L water tank. It also comes complete with an accessory storage pouch, wheels and a shoulder strap, which all add to its portability.

For more heavy duty applications, the 140-170 bar Pressure Washer is an excellent solution. It is a very hard-wearing product featuring robust composite wheels, which provide easy transportation even on rough terrain. The Rotablast nozzle allows for highly effective, powerful cleaning. It also has two built-in detergent tanks, meaning you can easily switch between cleaning products.

pressure washer in use

We also offer a range of Petrol Pressure Washers, ranging from 130 bar to 220 bar pressures. They feature a low-pressure liquid detergent injection system, making them highly efficient. They have an automatic low-oil engine shut down, providing extra safety.

For hot water cleaning, we offer a 135 bar Hot Water Pressure Washer. It has a diesel water heater and can be used with hot or cold water. It features an in-built detergent tank for direct suction and an ergonomic handle, making it efficient, easy to use and portable.

Why buy Pressure Washers from First Mats?

All of our Pressure Washers are robust, high quality products and come complete with a 1 year guarantee. We offer competitive prices along with free and fast UK delivery. You can rely on our excellent customer service as well as our quality products – we have excellent reviews on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.8 out of 5. 

If you have any questions regarding our range of pressure washers or any of the other products on our site, don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team.