Cantilever Racking with Parallel Arms - Single Sided (4810500374563)

Our Cantilever Racking with Parallel Arms is a fully welded and durable racking system, ideal for storing medium to large items horizontally, such as pipes, steel bars and timber. These items can otherwise be difficult to store due to their size and shape.

Each arm has a capacity of 200kg and is complete with end stops to prevent items from falling off the racking.

This racking system is an ideal storage solution for medium-weight loads in warehouses and other environments with long items, such as metal sheets, pipes, timber, panels, worktops and more. To store, simply load items by spanning the gap between the beams and secure with the end stops. 

We also have extension add-on bays available for extra storage depending on your needs.

Key features and benefits: 

  • Fully welded construction 
  • Arms feature end stops for security 
  • Single sided design allows for use against walls or in areas with limited space 
  • 2-bay system
  • Extension bays available for added storage 
  • Finished in a stylish stove enamel blue 
  • Arms have a capacity of 200kg, suitable for storing medium-weight items 

Please note that when loading racking of this type, always begin with the heaviest stock at the bottom, working up to lighter stock on the upper levels. This order is both easier and safer for users whilst loading and unloading. 

The racking should always be securely fastened to the floor for safe operation. 

Item specifics: 

Starter bay:

  • Weight (kg): 106
  • Size L x D x H (mm): 2580 x 610 x 2100

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