Double IBC Spill Bund with Framed Cover - 1130L (4449958985763)

A superb quality, double IBC Spill Bund designed for safe storage and transportation of two IBC containers. The robust bunded sump complies with UK oil storage regulations and has a framed cover for protection against rain and wind. It is compatible with most kinds of industrial liquids, oils, fluids, and chemicals.

  • Great quality, robust UK-made design for indoor/outdoor use
  • Compatible with forklift and pallet trucks for safe transportation
  • Removable top grid system makes cleaning the sump easy
  • Complies with oil storage regulations
  • Sump capacity: 1130L
  • Size: 245cm x 145cm x 230cm
  • Max load: 4000kg.

Durable, superior quality design for outdoor use

Strong weatherproof and corrosion-resistant material means the bund will last for many years into the future. It is a reliable, long-term investment in the safe transportation and storage of liquids. Especially for companies who need to store oil or fuel outdoors and need to comply with UK oil storage regulations.

A great investment in health and safety

The Double IBC Spill Bund with Framed Cover is a great investment in workplace health and safety. It provides safe and secure transportation on-site to keep employees safe and prevent cross-contamination. Forklift/pallet compatibility reduces the risk of injury and helps to prevent spillages and contamination.

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