Single IBC Spill Bund with Framed Cover - 1260L (4449958920227)

This IBC Spill Bund is effective at catching drips and leaks from IBC containers. It features a framed cover to protect against rain and prevent contamination, ensuring clean and safe working environments. The sump is durable, weatherproof, and corrosion-free. It is extremely resilient and a great investment in health and safety.

  • Compatible with chemicals, industrial fluids, oil, and more
  • Removable grid design makes cleaning easy
  • Framed cover stops rain and cross-contamination
  • Complies with UK oil storage regulations
  • Sump capacity: 1260L
  • Size: 168cm x 168cm x 271cm
  • Max load: 2500kg


Durable design with framed cover for outdoor use

Our Single IBC Spill Bund with Framed Cover is designed for indoor and outdoor use. The strong plastic material is built to last for many years and can be used outdoors without risk of weather corrosion. The framed cover gives extra protection against the elements and prevents cross-contamination of fluids.

Complies with UK oil storage regulations

The Single IBC Spill Bund is compatible with most types of industrial liquids, including chemicals, oils, fuels, and fluids. It fully complies with the UK oil storage regulations for the storage of oil and fuel outdoors, giving companies peace of mind and ensuring high levels of health and safety in the workplace.

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