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Twin Line Marking Spray Paint Applicator

This PROline double line spray paint applicator marks out wide lines quickly and easily, creating long-lasting and bold lines on indoor and outdoor surfaces. The wheeled applicator makes it easy for marking lines that are straight and neat, compared with using a handheld spray paint applicator. 

The wheeled applicator holds two cans of PROline line marking paint to create lines of between 100-130 mm, making it ideal for hazardous areas where extra wide lines are needed for maximum visibility.

Designed for easy assembly and use, it produces fast-drying lines at speeds up to 25 metres per minute. This makes it ideal for marking out safety zones and areas in busy workplaces, car parks and roadways.

Adjustable features

The double line marking spray paint applicator can be used close to walls and racking as well as larger areas. Simply remove the rear wheels for easy access to tight spaces.

Paint colours can be changed without cleaning the equipment.

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