Line Marking Tape Applicator Kit (50mm / 2" Wide)

Our line marking tape applicator kits are an all in one kit containing everything you need to start quickly marking lines around your business. Use this marking tape applicator to effectively demarcate aisles, traffic ways, storage areas and more. It is brilliant to use in retail, industrial and warehouse locations. The kit contains 1 x applicator, 2 x rolls of tape, 1 x trimming knife and 1 x marker line and chalk. The applicator makes the process of applying the tape much quicker and easier. It is particularly useful for long lines, like for marking out walkways / aisles.

  • Line marking tape applicator kit (50mm) including everything you need
  • Tape supplied in 33m long rolls with thickness of 0.15mm
  • Included tape is made from high quality vinyl
  • Tape available in six vibrant colours


The tape is supplied in 33m long rolls and leaves no residue when removed from most surfaces, so you wont need to worry about sticky deposits that are arduous to clean up. We recommend this tape for short to medium term marking. This tape is available in 6 vibrant colours and you can see our suggest colour indicator guide below, for colour coding the tapes to mark different areas.

Get this line marking tape applicator kit with fast delivery direct to your door. If you have a question about these tape applicators or any other product in our range, get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.


Suggested Colour Indications

  • White - General Marking
  • Yellow - Hazard/Caution
  • Red - Danger/Prohibition
  • Blue - Mandatory Protection
  • Green - Information/Direction
  • Orange - Chemical Storage

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