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Which Self-Healing Cutting Mats are Best?

If you’ve ever used a Self-Healing Cutting Mat, you’ll know what a brilliant invention they are. Any lines or marks you make on the mat after using your Stanley knife or scalpel just close up, leaving a smooth surface with no grooves or marks. You have the same flat cutting surface ready for your next task – and your cutting tools and work tables last much longer, too.

But with several types on the market, how do you know which one is best for a particular task? We’ve done the hard work for you and assessed three of our best-selling cutting mats against various factors, from self-healing and anti-glare properties to resistance to shocks and tears, and durability. Plus, we look at which cutting tool works best on which cutting mat.

Green Cutting Mat

Green Self-Healing Cutting Mat

The green self-healing cutting mat is very popular with hobbyists and anyone working on crafts such as photography, sewing or dressmaking crafts. It’s particularly good at self-healing, with almost invisible knife cuts, and has an excellent anti-glare surface – great for reducing eye strain. It also rates highly on its ability to minimise tramlining when cutting.

This self-healing cutting mat is best for use with rotary cutters; craft knives, scalpels and Stanley knives are also acceptable. If you’re itching to get on with your next craft or sewing project, this one’s for you!

Best For;

  • Crafters
  • Hobbyists
  • Quilting and Fabrics

Use With;

  • Stanley Knives
  • Rotary Cutters
  • Craft Knives

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Heavy Duty Cutting Mats

Heavy Duty White Cutting Mat

If you’re looking for a robust workbench mat that will stand up to heavy commercial use, look at our Heavy Duty White Cutting Mat.

The semi-opaque mat scores best when it comes to durability and resistance against shocks and tears, anti-glare and razor-straight cutting. It also gets maximum marks for reducing tramlining when cutting. And, as you might expect from a heavy-duty mat, it’s solvent proof and waterproof and can cope with most chemicals that come its way.

This one’s for heavy-duty applications, for sure: expect to find it in the warehouse or a print works, where it’s brilliant for print and graphics trimming. Recommended for use with a scalpel or a Stanley knife, a rotary cutter or craft knife can also be used on it.

Best For;

  • Commercial use
  • Packaging and Despatch
  • Graphic Designers

Use With;

  • Stanley Knives
  • Rotary Cutters
  • Craft Knives

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Clear Cutting Mat Roll

Clear Self-Healing Cutting Mat

The great thing about the Clear Self-Healing Cutting Mat is that it allows 75% of light to pass through, making it a winner with graphic designers. The same quality makes it a popular choice with printers, where it’s ideally suited for the Flat Bed Roller Laminator Table and general warehouse use.

This one scores highly for its self-healing properties, resistance to shocks and tears, and is waterproof, fire retardant and heat resistant.

We recommend using this with a craft knife, scalpel or Stanley knife; however, it is not recommended for use with Rotary Cutters.

Best For;

  • Graphic Designers
  • Flatbed Laminators
  • Professional Printers

Use With;

  • Stanley Knives
  • Scalpels
  • Craft Knives

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Need to Buy a Self-Healing Cutting Mat?

Now you know which of the cutting mats is best for each task, you may be wondering where the best place is to buy one. All of the cutting mats in this article can be purchased from First Mats. We commit to quality and customer service, reflected in our excellent 4.9 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot. To view the range, please see the link below;

Self-Healing Cutting Mats Range


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