Pallet Trucks & Pump Trucks

Move heavy goods around the workplace safely and effortlessly with our quality made Pallet Trucks. Each of the pallet trucks in our range is designed for a specific purpose, ensuring that you can find the perfect truck for your needs. All of our Pallet Trucks are offered with free UK delivery.

Pallet Trucks & Pump Trucks - More Information

Pallet Trucks In Use

What are Pallet Trucks?

Pallet Trucks, also known as Pump Trucks, are manually operated and used for moving pallet loads of goods safely and efficiently. They are designed to raise the load just clear of the ground, so that the load can be wheeled from A to B with minimum physical effort. 

How do Pallet Trucks work?

The two prongs of the Pallet Truck fork are placed underneath the load and the jack is used to raise it off the floor. Wheels and front rollers allow the Pallet Truck to be steered to its destination, where the goods are lowered.

What are the benefits of Pallet Trucks?

Pallet Trucks are commonly used in warehouses, factories and distribution centres because they are so useful. They:

  • Save time and money, as they allow huge amounts of goods to be moved quickly and efficiently
  • Allow heavy loads to be moved safely, minimising the risk of accidents and longer term injuries from manual handling
  • Can be used in fairly congested or confined areas
  • Allow employers to meet their obligations under Manual Handling Regulations and Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER)

Which Pallet Trucks are in the First Mats range?

We have a wide range of Pallet Trucks that can handle total loads from 2,000Kg up to our Heavy Duty Pallet Truck that can handle 3,000Kg. All are compatible with Euro pallets and many have features that make them suitable for specialist tasks.

If you need a Pallet Truck that can cope with pallets with a low clearance, our Low Profile Pallet Truck has forks that can be lowered to just 55mm.

For workplaces with sloping floors, the First Mats Braked Pallet Truck is ideal. It's also an extra safe option for Pallet Trucks that need to be kept stationary, or when walking speeds need to be controlled while steering the truck.

We also have the Long Fork Pallet Truck with 2m-long forks, ideal for very long / unusual loads such as glass and boards, and the Pallet Truck with Weighing Scale for workplaces where goods need to be weighed before despatch.

For anyone looking for a pallet truck for shop floors or public areas, First Mats' Low Profile Pallet Truck is a good choice, as its polyurethane wheels are especially quiet and smooth.

Our other Pallet Trucks have strong nylon steering wheels and nylon front rollers, which gives smooth movement and excellent resistance to impacts, wear and tear, oils and chemicals. This makes them ideal for warehouses, factories and other industrial settings.

Our G-Truck Pro Roller Euro Pallet Truck and G-Truck Premium Roller Euro Pallet Truck are both especially easy to load and steer. Both have ergonomically designed handles and the Premium version features tandem entry rollers, making handling even easier.

Why First Mats?

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and the fact that we have a Five Star Trustpilot rating. When you buy your Pallet Truck from First Mats, you know you are dealing with a company whose reputation is built on offering quality safety products at a competitive price.

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