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Safety Tags

Our Safety Tags help to ensure staff safety when using equipment such as ladders and scaffolding. Marking inspection dates can prevent serious accidents and injuries, improving staff well-being and potentially saving huge sums of money for businesses. Buy your Safety Tags online, or contact our sales team for advice.

Safety Tags - More Information

Mini Inspection Tag Kit

What are safety tags?

Safety inspection tags are signs that can be attached to steps and ladders, scaffolding, electrical equipment or appliances to clearly show whether or not they are safe to use. Safety inspection tags also inform users that all equipment conforms to legal requirements, and when the equipment was last inspected.

Why are safety tags important?

Safety tags record that regular inspection of equipment takes place - it's made simple by using the checklists on the inspection tag inserts. These consistent check-ups ensure the safety of your appliances and allow faults to be discovered before they cause an injury. Strategic accident prevention like this is vital to ensure the safety of your workers and keep them informed of the current status of equipment. 

Which safety tags are available in the First Mats range?

Our collection of safety inspection tags includes those for ladders, scaffolding, forklifts, electrical appliance testing, racking and many more. Both safety tag holders and safety tag inserts available to purchase together as kits, or separate packs of tag inserts are available to purchase separately. All our safety inspection tag kits are supplied with at least one permanent marker for your convenience so you can guarantee you have everything you need to make your equipment as safe to use as possible. 

Why buy safety tags from First Mats Ltd?

At First Mats, we stand behind our products: we have a 4.8/5 star Trustpilot rating and excellent reviews from many satisfied customers. Our range of safety inspection tags meet our high standards of quality and come with fast delivery.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our range of safety inspection tags, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team, who will be more than happy to help.