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23mm Thick Natural Coir Coconut Matting

First Mats proudly offer extra thick, premium 23mm coir coconut matting to keep your floors safe, clean and free from dirt. We offer incredible value for money on our high-quality 23mm thick coir coconut matting. The thickness and height of this matting make it perfect for deeper matwells.

Key features

  • 23mm overall thickness for deeper mat wells
  • 100% natural and sustainable coconut fibres
  • Excellent water retention properties to absorb moisture
  • Soil, dirt and dust collection to keep the rest of your property clean
  • Cut to your specified length, with widths of 100cm and 200cm

Whether for home, business or in a public space, coir matting is the ideal solution for your entrance matwells. Our 23mm thick coir matting is also incredibly easy to keep clean too; simply brush and vacuum the dirt away.

A tip from our team: Need coir matting for a mat well? We recommend adding 5 cm to both the length and width. This allows for precise trimming for a flush fit.

First Mats - Product Scores

Crush Resistance Crush Resistance - 1/3 23mm thick coir matting provides Good resistance to crushing. This is measured by a test that simulates wear. The higher the rating the longer the life span of the mat.
Soil Resistance Soil Resistance -3/3 23mm thick coir matting offers Excellent dirt and dust collection. The higher the score the greater the weight of dust and dirt collected by the mat.
Water Retention Water Retention - 3/3 23mm thick coir matting has Excellent water retention qualities. This is measured by the amount of moisture that can be absorbed by the mat. The higher the rating the more moisture is absorbed.

How To Order 23mm Thick Coir Matting Cut To Size:-

As well as 1 standard size, the 23mm Coir Coconut Matting can be cut to any length you need (minimum 50cm) from 2 different widths - 100cm or 200cm. Please select the desired width and then enter the length (in cm) and the price will be calculated.

Important: Please be aware that Coir Matting is cut for each order, even predetermined sizes, and is therefore subject to our returns policy.

You can trim / cut our 23mm coir coconut matting using a Stanley knife to get an exact fit.

See our installation guide for more info: How to Cut Coir Matting

Sustainable matting for entrances

With our premium coir coconut matting, you'll receive a thick-pile, high-quality mat with a resilient PVC backing. At First Mats, our premium coir matting is made from natural coconut husks. These coarse coconut fibres work to lift dirt, dust and mud from shoes and trap it within the matting.

Great value, durable matting

At First Mats, we are proud to offer our high-quality 23mm thick coir matting at a fantastic price. Our cut-to-size mats are incredible cost-effective while still providing you with high-quality matting that can handle high traffic.

Common misspellings for Coir include choir, coya, core, coco, Brush and Bristle Matting

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