Black Coir Matting (100061020172)

Black Coir Matting

Looking for Coir Coconut matting, but in a different colour from the traditional beige? Available in a range of sizes including made to measure options?

Then our Black Coir Matting is for you.

All our black coir matting is made from the highest quality materials and shouldn't be confused with inferior alternatives available on the market. Our coir mats are made from 100% natural coir fibres mounted to a durable PVC backing, making them ideal for use in a recessed matwell.

First Mats - Product Scores

Crush Resistance Crush Resistance - 1/3 The black coir matting provides Good resistance to crushing. This is measured by a test that simulates wear. The higher the rating the longer the life span of the mat.
Soil Resistance Soil Resistance -3/3 The black coir matting offers Excellent dirt and dust collection. The higher the score the greater the weight of dust and dirt collected by the mat.
Water Retention Water Retention - 3/3 The black coir matting has Excellent water retention qualities. This is measured by the amount of moisture that can be absorbed by the mat. The higher the rating the more moisture is absorbed.

Our Black Coir Matting is made from all-natural, high-grade coconut husk fibres. The black coir matting features a PVC backing to help keep the mat in place when fitted. Coir is absorbent, helping to keep your floors dry and the coconut fibres help to scrape dirt and debris from shoes.

Height: 17mm

How To Order Black Coir Matting Cut To Size

As well as 3 standard sizes, the Black Coir Matting can be cut to any length wanted in 2 different widths, 100 cm or 200 cm

When ordering Coir matting for a mat well please add 5cm to both dimensions to allow for accurate trimming to fit on-site

Important: Please be aware that Coir Matting is cut for each order, even predetermined sizes, and is therefore subject to our returns policy.

Black Coir matting can be cut with a Stanley knife (either width or length) to fit perfectly around corners and to fit unusually shaped matwells.

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