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Steel Strapping & Equipment

Steel strapping is a trusted and reliable way to keep heavy or bulky items secure during transit, protecting them from costly damage. Our complete range includes steel strapping, tensioners, sealers, seals and other related tools to give you everything you need. Buy your steel strapping online or contact our knowledgeable team for help and advice.

Steel Strapping & Equipment - More Information

Steel Strapping & Equipment

What is steel strapping & equipment?

Steel strapping is used to secure large and heavy loads to pallets, wooden crates or within packaging. We also sell associated equipment to make using the strapping easier to manage. It can protect expensive machinery, products or other large or bulky items from falls, spills or other potentially costly damage.

Steel strapping works by wrapping (or strapping) a steel band around items or products for shipment or storage. The band is also wrapped around the wooden crate or pallet on which the products are loaded. This steel band is then pulled taut and sealed in place, securing the load against spillage or unwanted movement.

Which steel strapping & equipment is in the First Mats range?

At First Mats, we provide a broad range of steel strapping & equipment, including:

  • Complete steel strapping kits in a choice of strap widths - each kit includes a trolley for portability, steel strapping, seals, a tensioner, and a sealer
  • Sealless combination tools - these handheld tools are all-in-one cutters, tensioners and sealers, and use a punching technique to remove the need for separate seals
  • Single notch sealers in a choice of widths - these handheld tools are for use with our snap-on seals and create a secure and reliable seal
  • Tensioners suitable for a range of steel strapping widths - these make pulling the steel strapping to the required tension easy and fast
  • We also sell various steel strapping widths, snap-on, and lap-over seals, and trolleys


Why buy steel strapping & equipment from First Mats?

At First Mats we take great pride in our 4.8 out of 5 rating on TrustPilot. It shows that our customers appreciate the level of service we provide.

Our goal is to offer the highest quality items at competitive prices, whether in our range of steel strapping & equipment or and of other great product lines. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members, who will be happy to help.


Steel Strapping & Equipment FAQ

'Are strapping reels welded at the end to prevent unspooling?'

For customer convenience, reels are spot welded at the end to stop unspooling.

'Can steel strapping be used with oddly-shaped loads?'

Yes, odd or unevenly-shaped loads can be secured with steel strapping.