Looking for portable, durable, high-visibility cable protection? Our massive rubber cable mat can keep you safe anywhere you need it to.

  • Dimensions of 40cm x 120cm
  • Provides a protective cover for loose cables to limit trip hazards
  • Edge includes hazard marks for enhanced safety
  • Textured, anti-slip rubber backing keeps mat safely in place
  • Perfect for events and exhibitions for temporary cable management

With a perimeter clearly on display thanks to its ultra-bright yellow hazard marks, this rubber cable mat keeps visitors and staff from slips, trips, and falls. Between its rugged nylon construction and its textured, anti-slip rubber backing, this cable mat will stay right where you place it for as long as you need it, keeping any power or data cables neatly covered and out of harm's way.

Our Rubber Cable Mat is easily portable for events, too. Lay it anywhere, quickly and on-the-spot to protect valuable cables from abrasion, vibration, and dancing feet. Minimize risk in every way: instantly throw it down to mask and protect temporary runs of cable at pop-up events and exhibitions. Rest assured that not only are your cables covered, but your organization is protected from increased risk and liability, too.

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