Our Heavy-Duty Dual Channel Cable Protectors are designed to cope with the most challenging of demands. Suitable for wheeled traffic including cars, trucks and trolleys, with two 23mm diameter channels for excellent cable management.

  • Available in 3m or 9m lengths
  • Double-channel design
  • Oversized 23mm diameter channel for the largest of cables
  • Ultra-durable and capable of withstanding wheeled traffic from cars and forklifts
  • All-weather, indoor or outdoor-use design

 If you've got a busy production or shipping/receiving floor that gets not just plenty of foot traffic but also vehicle movement, these heavy duty protectors are perfect for you.

Designed to keep cables safe from a constant flow of wheeled traffic like cars and even forklifts, our protectors have a round, oversized 23mm diameter channel that can accommodate even the largest power cables. And that's critical when it comes to HSE-compliant cable and cord management in the warehouse and beyond. Never exceed fill capacity, stay safe, and stay compliant when you choose the ultra-max 23mm diameter channel size.

Available in either 3m or 9m lengths and in your choice of either one or two internal channels, these heavy-duty cable protectors are rugged enough to be used inside and out in any conditions.

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