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Single IBC Bund Pallet with Removable Deck

Durable and Versatile Single IBC Bund Pallet

Durable and Versatile Single IBC Bund Pallet:

Our Single IBC Bund Pallet is designed with a robust and durable structure, featuring a removable deck that ensures secure handling of industrial containers. This versatile design enhances safety and convenience, allowing for easy maintenance and operational efficiency. The removable deck simplifies the cleaning process of any potential spillages within the IBC bund. Cleaning can be aided using absorbent pads or rolls.

The combination of durability and ease of maintenance makes these pallets invaluable assets in various industrial settings. By ensuring secure handling and simplifying maintenance procedures, businesses can improve operational workflows and ensure a safer working environment..

UV-Stabilised for Longevity in Outdoor Conditions

UV-Stabilised for Longevity in Outdoor Conditions:

Our Single IBC Bund Pallet is UV-stabilised, providing exceptional durability and resilience in harsh outdoor conditions. This UV stabilisation protects the pallet from sun damage, preventing material degradation and extending its lifespan. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that require reliable outdoor storage solutions, ensuring that the pallets maintain their integrity and functionality over time.

Withstanding prolonged exposure to sunlight without compromising quality, these pallets offer a long-term solution that remains effective and reliable, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thereby offering cost savings and peace of mind to the users.

Corrosion-Resistant 100% Polyethylene Construction

Corrosion-Resistant 100% Polyethylene Construction :

Constructed entirely from 100% polyethylene, our Single IBC Bund Pallets are highly resistant to corrosion, weather, and chemicals. This material choice ensures that the pallets remain durable and reliable even in the most demanding environments. Polyethylene’s resilience to corrosive substances and harsh weather conditions makes these pallets ideal for industries dealing with oils, chemicals, and other hazardous materials..

The use of polyethylene also enhances the longevity of the pallets, ensuring that they continue to provide safe and effective storage solutions over time. This durability translates to a better return on investment and consistent performance, which is crucial for maintaining safe storage practices.

Efficient Mobility with Integral Fork Pockets

Efficient Mobility with Integral Fork Pockets:

Our Single IBC Bund Pallets are designed with integral fork pockets, facilitating easy and efficient transport across facilities. These fork pockets allow for straightforward mobility, enabling quick and safe relocation of the pallets as needed. This feature is essential for dynamic industrial environments where flexibility and efficient handling of materials are crucial.

The integral fork pockets enhance the operational efficiency of businesses by simplifying logistics and reducing the time and effort required for moving heavy containers. This design consideration supports smoother workflows and better space management within facilities. Please ensure the IBC is removed from the Bund before moving. 

Convenient Cleaning with Removable Black Decking

Convenient Cleaning with Removable Black Decking:

Equipped with sturdy, removable black decking, our Single IBC Bund Pallets ensure effortless cleaning and maintenance. This removable decking makes it easy to access all pallet areas for thorough cleaning, promoting a clean and safe storage environment. Regular maintenance is simplified, which helps in maintaining high hygiene standards and prolonging the lifespan of the pallets..

The easy-to-clean feature is particularly beneficial for industries where cleanliness is paramount, such as food processing or pharmaceuticals. It ensures that storage areas remain contaminant-free and comply with stringent health and safety regulations.

High Load Capacity and Sump Volume

High Load Capacity and Sump Volume:

With a maximum load capacity of 2000 kg and an 1100-litre sump capacity, our Single IBC Bund Pallets are designed to handle heavy-duty storage needs effectively. The substantial load capacity ensures that the pallets can support large volumes of materials without compromising stability or safety. The 1100-litre sump capacity is critical for containing spills and preventing environmental contamination, which is a key requirement under UK Oil Storage Regulations..

These specifications make the pallets ideal for industries that require robust storage solutions capable of managing significant weights and potential spills, ensuring both operational efficiency and environmental protection.

Convenient Cleaning with Removable Black Decking

Convenient Cleaning with Removable Black Decking:

Our Single IBC Bund Pallets are proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom, reflecting high-quality standards and supporting local industry. This local manufacturing ensures stringent quality control and adherence to UK regulations, providing customers with reliable and compliant storage solutions. Supporting UK manufacturing also contributes to the national economy and promotes sustainability through reduced transportation emissions.

By choosing UK-made products, customers can trust in the superior craftsmanship and regulatory compliance of our pallets, reinforcing their commitment to quality and local industry support.

Assurance with Three-Year Guarantee

Assurance with Three-Year Guarantee:

We stand behind the quality and reliability of our Single IBC Bund Pallets by offering a three-year guarantee. This guarantee gives customers confidence in their purchase, knowing that our commitment to quality and durability backs the product. It ensures that any potential issues can be addressed promptly, providing peace of mind and protecting the investment.

The three-year guarantee underscores our dedication to customer satisfaction and product excellence, assuring users they can rely on our pallets for long-term use.

Optimised Dimensions for Significant Storage

Optimised Dimensions for Significant Storage:

Measuring 1760mm in length, 1350mm in width, and 710mm in height, our Single IBC Bund Pallets are designed to optimise storage space while accommodating significant storage needs. These dimensions ensure the Bunded pallets can be easily placed in various storage settings, providing ample space for securely storing IBC containers. The optimised size also facilitates better organisation and space management within storage areas, enhancing overall efficiency.

The thoughtful design of these pallets ensures that they can be seamlessly integrated into existing storage systems, providing an effective solution for managing large volumes of materials while maintaining a compact and efficient footprint.

Product Specifications:

Length 1760mm
Width 1350mm
Height 710mm
Tare Weight 91kg
Maximum Load 2000kg
Sump Capacity 1100 Litres
UK Oil Storage Regulations
Guarantee 3 Years
UV Stabilised Yes
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom


Data Sheets:

Single IBC Bund Data Sheet

Chemical Compatibility Guide


For any additional information, please contact our team for assistance.

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