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Double weight chemical absorbent pads

Double Weight Chemical Absorbent Pads

Working with Chemicals can be dangerous, so being able to quickly deal with unexpected spills is a key part of your health and safety obligations.

These absorbent pads are specially designed to be able to absorb chemicals, acids or alkalis, reducing the potential risks to health they could cause.

Our double weight Chemical Absorbent Pads provide an extra-efficient way to quickly contain small spillages of chemicals, and are supplied in a poly-wrapped package making them ideal for topping up supplies. 


  • Pad size: 39cm x 48cm
  • Pack quanity: 100pcs
  • Total absorption: 85 Litres per 100 pads
  • Packaging: Polywrapped
  • Suitable for: Chemcials, Acids and Alkalis
  • Not suitable for use on oxidisers



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