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Screw-Fit Foam Surface Protector Strips

Protect people, machinery and equipment with these Screw-Fitting Foam Surface Protector Strips. They are designed to cover walls and protruding / irregular surfaces, providing a foam safety barrier against accidental knocks and scrapes and warning employees of the hazard with their black and yellow banding.

  • Available in two rectangular sizes
  • Thick 20mm-deep layer of foam, for effective cushioning
  • Yellow / black stripes to safety sign Standard DIN 4844
  • UV, temperature and solvent resistant
  • For use on non-porous surfaces

The Screw-Fit Foam Surface Protector Strips are supplied in one-metre lengths, for easy handling. They come with either 3 or 4 pre-drilled holes, depending on the size of the strip.

They are easily cut to size and to install, using the pre-drilled holes. Can be screw-fixed onto all smooth, clean, dust-free and de-greased surfaces.

Suitable for inside and outdoors.


  • 60mm x 20mm (3 pre-drilled holes)
  • 200mm x 20mm (4 pre-drilled holes)

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