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Convex Mirrors

Make your business more secure with our Convex Mirrors. By making hidden areas of your site visible, you can prevent theft and accidents. Our mirrors are 300mm to 600mm with viewing distances up to 11 metres, and most models include a 5 year guarantee. Buy online, or contact our team for advice and information.

Convex Mirrors - More Information

Convex Mirrors

If you’re looking for a convex mirror to improve your site safety or security, First Mats UK can help.

We have a large collection of convex mirrors for you to choose from, ranging from convex mirrors designed for roadside use to mirrors suitable for inspecting vehicles or observing people in busy shops. 

How does a convex mirror work?

A convex mirror bulges out slightly, and reflects at a wider angle near its edges than its centre. This means that the image is slightly distorted and smaller than the actual size, allowing you to see much further than normal. 

What are convex mirrors used for?

Convex mirrors are used to observe people and traffic, as well as inspect vehicles and machinery. At First Mats, many of our convex mirrors have general purposes uses. Our 180 Degree Wall Mounted Convex Mirror, for example, offers panoramic views of blind spots and corridors, making it a good all-rounder for indoor use. 

Our more specialist Vehicle Inspection Mirrors and Handheld Inspection Mirrors are designed for checking underneath vehicles and inside lorries for signs of terrorism, crime and damage – both come with extendable handles for accessing hard-to-see spots.

And our Post Mounted Observation Mirror and Circular Indoor / Outdoor Blind Spot Mirror are both ideal for roadside use, as well as a wide range of indoor sites such as factories and shops.

Where can convex mirrors be used?

Convex mirrors are excellent for hazardous blind spots on the roadside, where vehicles need to safely navigate tight corners, entrances and exits. Portable and handheld convex mirrors are ideal for inspecting underneath cars and other vehicles, as well as machinery.

In retail outlets, the First Mats Indoor Shop and Warehouse Observation Convex Mirror is an excellent choice for monitoring people and so reducing the incidence of shoplifting.

Some of the First Mats UK convex mirrors are suitable for outdoor and indoor use, while others are suitable for indoor use only.

What materials are used to manufacture First Mats' convex mirrors?

All First Mat’s convex mirrors are made from lightweight acrylic materials, which offers excellent visibility and ease of installation and use. And being acrylic means the mirrors avoid the safety risks associated with glass.

Some are specially toughened with shock-resistant properties for use on busy roadsides and for outdoor use.

Why buy convex mirrors from First Mats UK?

We provide comprehensive information about the different types of convex mirrors, making it easy to see which product is right for your business. We outline the key features of each, including its portability, suitability for indoor and outdoor environments, and its safety and security uses.

Our team can guide you through our range of quality convex mirrors, and make sure you get the best value from money. From our base in Birmingham we supply the whole of the UK with convex mirrors that meet your safety, security and budget requirements. Remember that you get free UK mainland delivery on all orders over £45.

To find out more about any of the products in our collection of convex mirrors, speak to the friendly team at First Mats today.