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Snow Ploughs & Salt Spreaders

Our Snow Ploughs are the perfect way to quickly push snow off walkways and car parks. We offer a range of Manual push along ploughs and forklift attachment versions, with a range of sizes and designs. We also offer push along salt grit spreaders, to help break down ice and snow. All of our Snow Ploughs are offered with free mainland UK delivery on orders over £50

Snow Ploughs & Salt Spreaders - More Information

Snow Plough on Forklift

What are Snow Ploughs and Salt Spreaders?

Snow Ploughs are used to clear snow during wintry weather, and some can also be used for yard scraping. Salt spreaders are used to spread salt and grit to melt ice and snow during the winter to ensure that outdoor areas such as pavements and car parks can be used safely.

How do Snow Ploughs and Salt Spreaders work?

Snow ploughs allow the user to easily clear snow without the need to use a shovel, making them easy and efficient to use. They usually feature a blade to push and clear snow out the way and are often pushed by hand, with larger versions designed to be attached to forklift trucks.

Salt spreaders allow salt or grit to be spread over large areas quickly and easily. They feature a container to hold the salt and a lever to control the rate at which the salt is released onto the ground.

What are the benefits of using Snow Ploughs and Salt Spreaders?

The main benefits of both snow ploughs and salt spreaders are that they are easy to use and make the work of clearing snow and spreading salt more efficient and safer than using a shovel. They reduce the risk of strains or injuries compared with using a shovel and many of them are adjustable or available in different sizes to suit your needs.

Which Snow Ploughs and Salt Spreaders are in the First Mats range?

We have a range of different snow ploughs on offer including a number of different versions which can be pushed along by hand making them easy to operate. All of our push along snow ploughs are delivered fully assembled.

For heavier work, the Heavy-Duty Push Along Snow Plough is ideal. It has an adjustable blade, so it can be customised to suit your needs and snow easily slides off its surface. It has a strong construction, being made from mild steel with an epoxy coated finish, making it hard wearing and ideal for your winter preparations.

We also offer a snow plough which can be fitted to a forklift truck. This plough can also be used as a general purpose yard scraper, so it is ideal for a range of different functions. You have the option to choose from three different blade widths to suit your requirements.

For salt and grit spreading, our Hand Push Adjustable Grit Salt Spreader is a must-have product for winter. It is efficient and very easy to use. The hard-wearing pneumatic tyres make it ideal for use on uneven ground and the adjustable lever means that the speed and distance of salt/grit spreading can be controlled.

Why buy Snow Ploughs and Salt Spreaders from First Mats?

All of our snow ploughs and salt spreaders are manufactured in the UK to high quality standards. We offer competitive prices along with free and fast UK delivery and you can rely on our excellent customer service as well as our quality products – we have excellent reviews on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.8 out of 5. 

If you have any questions regarding our range of snow ploughs and salt spreaders or any of the other products on our site, please get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team. 

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