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Waste & Recycling Bins

Whatever your requirements, First Mats has got your waste bin needs covered with an excellent and extensive range to choose from. With specialist clinical waste bins and recycling bins as well as general indoor or outdoor bins and wheelie bins, First Mats can be sure to have the right selection of bins to keep your premises clean and tidy.

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Waste & Recycling Bins

Waste bins are available in a huge range of sizes, colours, shapes and materials, designed to meet an equally large range of needs. 

Choosing the right waste bin for you depends on two key factors – where you will keep the bin and what you will use it for. 

Where is the Bin going to be used? 

In a sleek, professional environment you might want to consider a subtle and stylish option. For an outdoor litter bin, you will need to consider the aesthetic of the area and make sure your bin is waterproof and can be securely fixed to either the floor or a wall. Indoor bins range from simple desk-side bins to kitchen-friendly swing-top or pedal bins. 

What is the Bin for? 

Cigarette bins can be completely separate from litter bins or they can be integrated. They encourage smokers to discard their cigarette ends responsibly, keeping the ground free of unsightly mess. Additionally, they can be used to create a focal area for people to smoke in, ensuring that groups of staff or customers don’t congregate around your doors, windows and gates. 

Clinical waste bins are clearly marked and warn of the potential hazards within. This can include sharps, used plasters and dressings or swabs and other single-use medical equipment. 

Indoor waste and pedal bins are a cost-effective way of keeping the workspace tidy, clean and free of trip hazards. Choose from stylish executive models, which are perfect for offices, receptions and foyers, or pedal-operated, lidded bins which are well suited to hygiene-focused environments like kitchens and clinics. 

Outdoor litter bins consist of a floor- or wall-fixed frame with a removable insert. The frame keeps the bin securely in place and the insert allows for quick and easy emptying and cleaning. These bins are often lockable to minimise the risk of vandalism or theft and are constructed from waterproof materials with ultraviolet light-resistant finishes to ensure they remain in good condition for as long as possible. 

Indoor recycling bins are a simple and effective way of encouraging recycling. Each bin is clearly marked and/or coloured, making sure that people know what kind of rubbish is expected to go in each one. As well as promoting positive recycling behaviours, these bins also speed up the process, as no one needs to spend time separating and organising the recycling. 

Sack holders have a simple, easy to clean and maintain frame and lid. They are also available with colour-coded lids to allow for easy recycling or waste management. 

Wheelie bins are a great option for larger sites and where there are larger quantities or bulkier waste. They allow for easy movement of the bin, and typically incorporate a lid to ensure that wind, rain and pests do not affect the contents. 

Check out our full range of waste bins, and please do get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable experts if you have any questions or would like additional advice.

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