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Welding Curtains & Blankets

With our range of Welding Curtains and Blankets, you can carry out welding work in a safe environment for all workers. We have several options in the range, all tested to comply with fire safety regulations. All of our Welding Curtains and Blankets are available with free mainland UK delivery.

Welding Curtains & Blankets - More Information

Welding Curtains & Blankets

What are Welding Blankets and Welding Curtains?

Welding is a high-hazard activity with fire, fume, gas and electric hazards, among others. Fire-resistant Welding Blankets and Welding Curtains / Drapes are designed to offer fire protection and protection for workers. They are made of fire-resistant material, typically neoprene or a fibre glass covered material (not asbestos).

How do Welding Blankets and Welding Curtains work?

Welding Blankets and Welding Curtains work by providing a physical fire-resistant barrier so that welding hazards such as sparks, splatters and intense UV light are no longer a safety or fire hazard.

What are the benefits of Welding Blankets and Welding Curtains?

A Welding Blanket protects welders while they are working. It also stops stray sparks and welding splatter landing on nearby machinery, flammable materials and equipment and catching fire.

Welding Curtains are hung vertically and are used to isolate an area. They protect workers from splashes from molten metal, as well as protecting passers-by and nearby workers from ‘arc eye’ (injury to the eye caused by exposure to the intense UV light from the welding).

Translucent Welding Curtains are ideal when the welding operation needs to be visible for supervision / safety reasons. HSE recommends darker or opaque Welding Curtains if:

  • there is no need to see the person welding
  • for screening between welding bays

Which Welding Curtains and Welding Blankets are in the First Mats range?

We have three high performance Welding Curtains / Welding Blankets in our range, all designed to offer high protection against welding safety and fire hazards.

Our Heavy-Duty Fibre Glass Coated Welding Blankets are performance rated to withstand temperatures up to 1,000ºC, are flame-retardant and Hot Work compliant. They are recommended for use during cutting and welding operations.

Our Fibre Glass Coated Welding Curtains and Medium Duty Neoprene Coated Welding Curtains are recommended for use during welding operations, in areas where there are oils, greases, acidic liquids and vapours. They have brass eyelets so they can be hung in position and are Hot Work compliant. 

All of our Welding Blankets and Welding Curtains are available in a range of sizes, so that you can choose the right safety equipment for your welding operation:

  • When choosing a Welding Curtain, make sure it is large enough to screen the area where the welding is being carried out. 
  • For Welding Blankets, choose the size that will allow you to cover the machinery and equipment near the welding area.

Why First Mats?

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and the fact that we have a Five Star Trustpilot rating. When you buy from First Mats you know you are dealing with a company whose reputation is built on offering quality safety products at a competitive price.