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Here at First Mats, we have created an incredible range of office equipment perfect for the modern office environment. With classics like a range of premium quality whiteboards, including winged and magnetic variations, handy flipcharts and noticeboards, as well as premium quality drawing hangers, ideal for architects and designers, and innovative T-card planner systems, we have got you covered with the perfect office equipment products.

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Office Equipment 

An easy and cost-effective way of improving both the aesthetic and productivity of your office is to use specially designed office equipment. These tools range from simple notice boards and flip charts through to more advanced T-Card systems. But what is the right combination of items for your space? 

What’s available? 

If you do a lot of presenting, training or you often need to communicate information to multiple staff members, there’s a few good options: 

Larger office sites with multiple staff might need to organise post and parcels – something that can be easily achieved with a dedicated post locker/pigeon hole unit, a mailroom bench or a portable mail distribution trolley. 

Office door signs are an area that can be easily overlooked when you’re setting up, but a simple push/pull sign can look stylish and lets visitors easily transition about your site. Don’t forget to think about the differently abled – signs can also be found in braille for better accessibility. 

On the subject of signage – safety signage is an absolute must. Whether it is no-smoking signs, wet floor warnings or fire door markings, these signs can keep you compliant with regulations and improve the general health and safety of your personnel and environment. 

What’s next? 

Make sure to check out the full range of high-quality Office Equipment available from First Mats. If you would like any further advice or have any questions, just click on the chat button or send an e-mail through to 

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