ESD Workbench and Accessories Kit F

Providing static dissipative properties and storage solutions in equal measure, our ESD Workbench and Accessories Kit F has everything you need to keep your workers on task if youre in the electronics assembly, maintenance, or repair industries.

We combine a Lamstat laminated worktop with a mild steel grey powder-coated cantilevered frame and attached anti static earthing wrist strap with a three-drawer unit on the left, a cupboard unit on the right, and a large 1200mm Louvre pegboard and Lamstat top shelf mounted on two 1180mm rear support posts.

For even more versatility, we mount a 1200mm light and tool rail and included 40-watt LED light as well to ensure full coverage for whatever task youre working on.

Dimensions and Features:

  • 20mm Lamstat laminated worktop
  • integrated wrist strap and earthing cord
  • one three-drawer unit and one single storage cupboard
  • Louvre panel with pinboard and upper shelf
  • worktop service duct and included 40-watt LED light
  • 250kg working load
  • standard 75cm height
  • 3 worktop dimensions: 84cm x 120cm, 84cm x 150cm, and 84cm x 180cm

Taken together, this sturdy, reliable, and electronics-safe workstation is ideal for any industry where electronics or electrical components are handled on a daily basis or where a need for electrostatic dissociation and earthing is crucial for success. Arrives in knock-down form for easy self-assembling and installation.

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