Height Adjustable ESD Workbench - Neostat Worktop

This high-quality Height Adjustable ESD Workbench provides an unparalleled degree of flexibility while also providing much-needed static dissipation in an industrial setting to protect workers and electronic components alike from the damage that electrostatic discharge can do.

Thanks to its integrated folding crank mechanism, this bench can adjust its height to allow workers to use this bench whether seated or standing, allowing for greater flexibility and comfort.

Dimensions and Features:

  • 20mm Neostat soft worktop
  • integrated wrist strap and earthing cord
  • 200kg working load
  • adjustable height between 730mm and 90mmm
  • 8 worktop dimensions: 90cm x 60cm, 120cm x 60cm, 120cm x 75cm, 150cm x 60cm, 150cm x 75cm, 180cm x 60cm, and 180cm x 75cm

As usual, this ESD bench comes with a standard anti-static wrist strap and cord for earthing.  Unique to this model is the soft Neostat worktop that provides unparalleled cut resistance and solder-proofing.

Constructed from rigid mild steel and featuring a light grey coloured powder-coating in Germ Guard Active Technology anti-bacterial paint, this Height Adjustable ESD Workbench with 20mm thick Neostat Worktop can handle an evenly distributed load of up to 200kg.

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