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ESD Workbench and Accessories Kit E

The ESD Workbench and Accessories Kit E combination kit includes industry-leading electrostatic discharge protection with the kind of storage solutions that you wont find anywhere else.

We start with our standard Lamstat worktop and connected electrostatic earthing wrist strap and attach it to our cantilevered, powder-coated mild steel frame with level-adjustable to create a safe, sturdy, and reliable workspace.

Only then do we expand the versatility of our ESD workbench by adding a single-drawer underside unit to the left, a cupboard underside unit to the right, and a  1200mm Louvered pinboard with Lamstat top shelf mounted on two 11800mm rear support posts on the back.

Dimensions and Features:

  • 20mm Lamstat laminated worktop
  • integrated wrist strap and earthing cord
  • one one-drawer unit and one single storage cupboard
  • Louvre panel with pinboard and upper shelf
  • worktop service duct and included 40-watt LED light
  • 250kg working load
  • standard 75cm height
  • 3 worktop dimensions: 84cm x 120cm, 84cm x 150cm, and 84cm x 180cm

But thats not all: the ESD Workbench and Accessories Kit E, our most expandable and versatile worktop ever, also comes with a worktop service duct and LED light mounted above the Lamstat top shelf for even more suitability for electronics assembly and maintenance work. This workbench comes delivered in knock-down form to make self-assembly quick and easy.

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