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Oil-Safe Interlocking Anti-Fatigue Mats

Looking for Anti-Fatigue mats that are safe to use in areas with oily floors? Mats that can be extended to cover larger floor areas?

Then our Oil-Safe Interlocking Mats could be for you.

Our Oil-Safe mats are highly durable floor mats capable of working in most industrial environments, with a mixed Nitrile and Rubber compound that makes it resistant to oils and aggressive machine coolants. Because of this, our Oil-Safe mats are a popular choice in machine workshops where mineral oil spills are a common occurrence.

The Diamond-Plate pattern creates a textured top surface which also assists with improved slip resistance, further increasing the safety for its users.

Oil Resistant As the name suggests, the Oil-Safe mats can be used in areas where oils, grease and other industrial fluids may be present, thanks to the use of Nitrile materials and a closed cell construction.


Oil-Safe is available in three options;

Edged All Round - If the standard size of 70cm x 80cm is sufficient for the floor area you need to cover.  Edged all round
Middle Piece - To create a longer mat instead, use any quantity of these interlocking middle piece mats. Middle Piece
End Piece - These end piece mats should be used with middle pieces to ensure a smooth bevelled edge all around the mat system. End Piece

Sizes & Colour

Each tile measures approximately 70cm wide x 80cm long, regardless of the type. The tiles are coloured black which helps to hide stains from oil and dirt from production processes.


  • Very good resistance to Wear and Slipping
  • Very good anti-fatigue qualities
  • Resistant to Oil and Water
  • Height: 12.5mm
  • Weight: 4.10kg per tile
  • Made from natural SBR Rubber and Nitrile

Data Sheet:

  • Material: Natural rubber/25% nitrile blend
  • Surface Finish: Diamond Plate
  • Product Height: 12.5mm
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to +50°C
  • Resistance to Chemicals: Natural rubber/nitrile blend offers an increased resistance to mineral oils and aggressive machine coolants
  • Environmental Resistance: Water and Acid not fuels and degreasing oils
  • Typical Applications: All industrial environments
  • Installation Method: Loose lay
  • Cleaning Method: Pressure hose
  • Product Performance: Conforms to Slip Resistance Test EN 13552 Category R9
  • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

Delivery Free On Orders over £50 + VAT

  • Delivery £4.95+ VAT On Orders Under £50 + VAT
  • Orders Dispatched within 1 – 3 days of placing order ( Except for Custom lengths that will be dispatched in 3-5 days)
  • Please contact us if you require a quote on next day delivery

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