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SturdySafe Black Rubber Workstation Mats

SturdySafe is a natural rubber workstation mat that can help keep swarf under control whilst offering anti-fatigue benefits for its users.

The solid rubber construction makes for a robust swarf mat that can be used in wet or dry industrial areas every day. An open design allowing swarf to drop into the holes means the mat can be lifted and the debris collected, whilst also allowing water and liquids to drain away, improving safety around workstations.


The SturdySafe Black workstation mat is made of natural rubber making it ideal for production areas. In addition, this mat has anti fatigue properties ensuring a comfortable working environment and higher productivity for users.


The SturdySafe swarf mat is available in a standard size of 90cm x 150cm, ideal for individual machinists and workbenches. The height/thickness of this industrial anti-fatigue mat is 12mm.

Suggested Applications

SturdySafe is recommended for industrial workshops with dry and wet production areas, such as in front of CNC, Lathe machines and other workstations.

First Mats - Product Scores

Anti Fatigue Anti-Fatigue - 2/3 The SturdySafe Black Rubber Workstation Mats (90cm x 150cm) offer Very Good anti-fatigue properties. This is measured by ASTM D3547 which records the compression and decompression of the mat. The higher the rating the better its anti fatigue qualities.
Slip Resistance Slip Resistance - 2/3 The SturdySafe Black Rubber Workstation Mats (90cm x 150cm) provide Very Good slip resistance. This is measured by ASTM C1028-89 & DIN-E-51130, 51097 which tests the force required to cause slippage of a load across the mat. The higher the rating the higher the slip resistance
Wear Resistance Wear Resistance - 2/3 The SturdySafe Black Rubber Workstation Mats (90cm x 150cm)mat offer Very Good resistance to wear. This is measured by ASTM D3844-92 which subjects the mat to 5000 cycles under an abrasive wheel. The higher the rating the longer the life span of the mat.
Wet Area Safe Wet Area Mat - The SturdySafe Black Rubber Workstation Mat (90cm x 150cm) is suitable for Wet Environments where the spillage of water and other chemicals is an issue.

  • Ideal for all industrial type environments
  • Available in 90cm x 150cm size only
  • Very Good wear resistance making it a long term, cost-effective investment
  • Very Good anti-fatigue properties ensuring higher productivity and less sickness caused by standing for long periods of time on hard, cold, concrete floors
  • Very Good Slip resistance properties meaning fewer related accidents
  • Made of Natural Rubber - making it ideal for most industrial use
  • (Blue Option is resilient to grease and aggressive oils, see SturdySafe (Blue) )
  • The underside of the mat is designed to prevent movement
  • Height 12mm
  • Can be used in wet & dry areas
  • Bevilled edges to avoid trips and falls and allowing trolleys to roll over the mat
  • Both mats can be cleaned by hosing down and / or pressure washed

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