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Pallets and Lifting

Lifting loads of over 25kg should always be done with mechanical assistance. Using either a crane or hoist is essential when working with heavy machinery and materials to prevent injury. Lifting Slings can also be used in conjunction with cranes, but check the rating labels to ensure they are suitable for the load being lifted. Scissor lift trolleys are popular in workshops, allowing users to lift or lower heavy parts as needed without the risk of injury to themselves.

Best Sellers in Pallets and Lifting

Working in industrial, warehouse or repair/maintenance environments often means transporting or otherwise manoeuvre heavy and unwieldy stock or machinery. There’s a range of different lifting options available, so to ensure you get the right product, you just need to think carefully about the kind of site you operate and the kind of lifting you need to do. 

Some points to consider: 

If you do the bulk of your work on vehicles, you’ll inevitably need to access the underside at some point. There are a few different hydraulic trolley jacks available, depending on whether you need to work on vehicles with low ground clearance, larger vehicles like SUVs and vans or heavier vehicles. 

Need to lift extremely heavy equipment, vehicles or machinery? Some of our bottle jacks can lift up to 50 tonnes, which should be more than enough for most users. They are all also fitted with an overload valve to ensure safe use and are designed to be simple to operate and maintain. 

If you’ve got a forklift truck already, a great option can be forklift attachments. These are super simple to use and can quickly and easily turn your truck into a crane, hoist or drum lifter. A cost-effective alternative to purchasing a dedicated piece of equipment, these attachments also let you save some space on site.

Our heavy lifting slings can make the attachments, hoists and cranes even more functional.

Scissor lifts and trolleys are a safe way of lifting and moving heavy loads. The scissor platform is super-stable and keeps the load steady and held flat, and models are equipped with pressure release valves to ensure a smooth lift and drop motion. All of the First Mats range of scissor tables and trolleys are CE marked and conform to the BS EN1570 standard for safety regarding lifting tables. 

Stockrooms and warehouses will benefit from our range of pallet cages. These are designed to allow pallets to be moved safely and efficiently, particularly when the pallet load might be unstable, unsecured or liable to tipping.

We also provide a range of Bunded Pallets and IBC Bunds designed for spill containment. These spill containment pallets should be used to store liquid containers, safely catching any spills or leaks they may have.

Large-scale production sites and manufacturing or industrial environments will benefit from our range of metal stillages. These heavy-duty containers are stackable and are available with huge capacities of up to 1000kg. Great for space-saving storage, organisation and access for larger parts, supplies and tools. 

Check out the full range of lifting and pallet equipment, and make sure to click the chat button or e-mail us if you have any questions or would like further advice. 

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