Warehouse Products

Keep your warehouse running safely and efficiently with our huge range of Warehouse Products. We offer a wide selection of handling equipment, such as pallet trucks and sack trucks, along with specialist storage products including small parts storage containers, metal shelving and racking. Browse some of our most popular warehouse product ranges below, or contact our team for more information.

Warehouse Products - More Information

Running a warehouse is no easy business which is why you need products that will promote safety, increase productivity, and improve your storage facilities.

Here at First Mats, we have curated a range of our finest, hand-picked products which are essential to creating effective logistics and goods handling solutions to meet your requirements.


A top priority in any work environment - especially in warehouses - is safety. We stock a variety of different equipment that can help to reduce the risk of injury to you, your employees, as well as to any visitors or customers.

Some of our most popular safety products include our vast selection of Industrial Matting. You can choose from high-performing Anti Fatigue Mats that work by activating small, unconscious movements in your leg muscles to keep you standing upright comfortably; or our exceptionally robust Self Healing Cutting Mats that protect your worksurfaces from damage when cutting. 

When using equipment such as ladders and scaffolding, marking inspection dates can prevent serious accidents from occurring. This not only increases staff well-being but also clearly shows which appliances are safe to use. Access our full range of Safety Inspection Tags to help identify potential hazards within your workplace.


By packaging items, you are protecting them as they pass through the business supply chain until they reach your customer. Ensure you are wrapping and packing products to be dispensed in a fast and neat manner (with minimum waste!) by using our fantastic range of Packaging and Despatch products. Ranging from sturdy tape dispensers to reliable staple guns, you can be sure to find everything you need to create pleasant and productive packaging.

Storage and Racking

The key to any efficiently operated warehouse is to have an outstanding storage system. This makes items easier to find and creates a tidy and organised looking space for you to be proud of. Take a look at our first-class Metal Shelving options. All proudly manufactured in the UK, you can safely store a wide variety of items of different weight capacities whilst being peacefully certain of their premium construction.

Or if you are in need of a storage solution that is ideal for storing high volumes of goods including pallets and/or long or bulky items, our Racking Systems are a great space-saving solution. Well designed for the rapid handling of your goods, they are extremely convenient and can be wall or floor mounted for added security.

To make accessing stored items simpler, why not have a browse through our extensive Steps & Ladders range? These provide a supreme solution for personal warehouse access, allowing workers to reach high items on shelving and racking whilst staying as safe as possible.


We also stock an extensive selection of other handy equipment including Pallet Trucks and Pumps, Impact Protectors, Spill Control Kits and Workbenches all of which are crucial for a successful warehouse business.

Feel free to have a look at our full range of Warehouse Products that have all been tried a tested to the highest of standards – as evident by our 4.8 out of 5 Trustpilot rating.

If you require any assistance with choosing the best Warehouse Products for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team who will be more than happy to help.

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