Standard Machinery Hydraulic Jacks 6000kg (4606918852643)

Standard Machinery Hydraulic Jacks (6 to 12 tonne)

This Standard Machinery Hydraulic Jack is capable of lifting even very heavy machinery safely and smoothly. With a total lifting capacity of either 6 or 12 tonnes, it's ideally suited to:

  • Installing factory machinery, containers and other heavy items 
  • Raising loads so that skates can be placed underneath them
  • Raising machinery for repair and maintenance
  • Moving machinery to another part of the workshop

The Hydraulic Jack has a compact and stable construction, plus:

  • An adjustable lowering speed, which gives precise control during use
  • Overload protection, so the jack can't be damaged through accidental overloading
  • Dual lifting capabilities, so that you can lift using the toe or the head of the jack

Both the 6 tonne and 12 tonne versions are supplied with a removable pump handle. The 12 tonne version also has two toe positions and wheels for easy manoeuvring. 

Delivery is free in mainland UK, within 5 days.


6 tonne capacity

  • Lift height on toe: 35mm to 195mm (single stage)
  • Lift height on head: 320mm to 560mm
  • Weight: 25.5kg

12 tonne capacity

  • Lift height on toe: 40mm to 180mm (2 stages)
  • Lift height on head: 325mm to 545mm
  • Weight: 68kg

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