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Complete Machine Moving Skate Sets 6000kg

Complete Machine Moving Skate Sets

Moving heavy machinery can be a tricky task: getting it right ensures the equipment still works perfectly on arrival and there are no accidents or manual handling injuries along the way.

The Complete Machine Moving Skate Set provides everything needed to move heavy machinery up to 24 tonnes, and steer it with precision. Each set comprises:

  • One steerable skate with handle, for safe and controlled steering 
  • Two adjustable skates with connecting rods, to take the load at the rear 

The platforms of the skates are covered with a rubber surface to protect the load and keep it stable, and prevent slippage. Handles enable the skates to be moved and positioned easily.

The skates are low maintenance and easy to use. To load onto the skate, use a roller crowbar or a hydraulic jack. 

Available with five total load capacities:

  • 6,000kg, 9,000kg and 12,000kg versions move on nylon rollers (diameter 85mm)
  • 18,000kg version moves on 2 nylon (85mm diameter) and 2 steel rollers (83mm diameter)
  • 24,000kg version moves on 4 steel wheels (83mm diameter)

Delivery is free in mainland UK, within 5 days.

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