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Hospitality & Retail Products

Introducing our comprehensive range designed for the Hospitality and Retail Sector. With items spanning from robust anti-fatigue and barrier matting to shopping trolleys and heavy-duty shelving, we have you covered. Every product in our selection is sourced from leading brands and reputable manufacturers.

Best Sellers in Hospitality & Retail Products

When it comes to the hospitality and retail sectors, efficiency, safety, and functionality are paramount. Here at First Mats, we are delighted to offer a wide array of superior quality, heavy-duty products designed specifically to meet the rigorous needs of the Hospitality & Retail industries. Our collection spans everything from commercial-grade barrier matting and anti-fatigue matting to sturdy shelving, safety signage, fire fighting equipment, and multifunctional trolleys.

Heavy-Duty Barrier Matting

Step into safety and cleanliness with our high-calibre, heavy-duty barrier matting. Crafted to catch dirt and moisture at the door, our matting products contribute to maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your business premises. Available in a range of sizes and styles, these hard-wearing mats are ideal for high footfall areas, providing slip-resistance, easy upkeep, and a welcoming look.

Anti-Fatigue Matting

Comfort merges with productivity in our excellent selection of anti-fatigue mats. Perfect for areas where staff spend lengthy periods on their feet, these mats help to ease physical discomfort and fatigue, fostering efficiency and wellbeing amongst your team. They are built with ergonomics in mind, boasting features like cushioned support and slip-resistant surfaces, making prolonged standing periods less taxing.

Safety Signage and Fire Fighting Equipment

Ensure your premises are ready for any emergency with our safety signage and fire fighting equipment. We provide a wide selection of fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and more to keep you compliant and prepared. Our safety signage adheres to regulatory standards and is designed to be highly visible and durable, ensuring clear communication in critical situations.

Shelving and Racking

Maximise your space and organisation with our extensive array of shelving and racking solutions. From heavy-duty warehouse racking for larger premises to sleek, contemporary shelves for your retail space, our products are designed to be robust, easy to assemble, and versatile. Keep your merchandise or inventory organised and accessible, enhancing the functionality of your business operations.

Picking Trolleys and Shopping Trolleys

Streamline your logistics and boost customer convenience with our robust picking and shopping trolleys. Our picking trolleys make warehouse operations a breeze, cutting down the time and effort involved in order fulfilment. In the retail environment, our shopping trolleys offer smooth manoeuvrability and generous capacity, enhancing your customer's shopping experience.

At First Mats, we believe in delivering products that score high in durability, safety, and operational efficiency. Our collection of hospitality and retail products is designed to help your business run seamlessly, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and efficient environment for both your team and customers. 

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