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Workshop Chairs and Stools

Make sure you are working in comfort with our Workshop Chairs and Stools. These chairs have been designed for use in demanding environments such as factories and workshops, with a choice of seat materials and designs to suit a wide range of needs. Buy your Workshop Chairs and Stools online or contact our team for more information.

Workshop Chairs and Stools - More Information

Red Workshop Chair

In a world where health and safety is the top priority in the workplace, it's important that employers provide their staff with the best tools for the job – including the right chairs and stools.

For workers who spend a lot of time seated, a comfortable and sturdy chair is something that they should have access to. High-quality adjustable seating will not only give them comfort but also improve their wellbeing and productivity too.

What are the benefits of workshop chairs and stools?

There are many benefits to workshop chairs and stools, which is what makes them such a great addition to any industrial space such as factories.

Firstly, they improve the posture of workers to prevent them from developing painful backache when working. Behind many workstations and production lines, staff are prone to standing up for a long period of time. In the long term, this can cause damage to the muscles and nerves in the legs and the back and cause chorionic pain. Industrial chairs and stools reduce exposure to these health problems giving straight posture at the height of the work surface. The adjustability of the stools also means that feet can still be rested on the floor to reduce fatigue.

Also, sitting on a stool encourages something known as ‘active sitting’, which helps to strengthen both core and back muscles, which in turn can lead to improved comfort and productivity in the workplace.

Which workshop chairs and stools are available in the First Mats range?

Many types of heavy equipment, various different chemicals and all manner of other items are used in workshops, and so attention should be given to choosing a workshop chair that is not only manufactured from particularly robust material but is also highly resistant to impacts and easy to clean.

Many of our chairs and stools are made from polyethene, which is easy to wipe clean making it a wise choice in environments such as factories and workshops where chemicals, oil and other liquids are regularly used.

All our chairs and stools also come built-in with the standard functions (such as height adjustment), and some even have additional features such as backrest adjustment or the ability to tilt the armrests. The purpose of these functions is to make adjustable workshop chairs of this kind as easy as possible to configure, whilst also minimising the time it takes to do this.

Plus, since chairs and stools are frequently used in shared workspaces such as workshops, it makes sense for these functions to be easily adjustable to maintain the durability and quality of the design.

Why buy workshop chairs and stools from First Mats Ltd?

At First Mats, we match our quality products with an unbeatable level of service to make for the best experience on the market. Our range of workshop chairs and stools have been specially selected based on quality as well as affordability and can be delivered with free UK delivery in approximately 15 days.

We pride ourselves on putting the customer first. In fact, we have a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot. If you have any questions about our workshop chairs or stools, or any of our other products, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team.