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Fibreglass Ladders

Our Fibreglass Ladders are specially designed to be non-conductive, making them perfect for Electricians. They are insulated to 30,000 volts and comply with EN61478 standards for electrical safety. Our range includes Fibreglass step ladders, combination and extension ladders which are all available with free mainland UK delivery

Fibreglass Ladders - More Information

Fibreglass Ladders

What are Fibreglass Ladders?

Fibreglass ladders, also known as GRP or Electricians Ladders are made from non-conductive fibreglass designed for safely carrying out electrical work. They come in a variety of styles including step ladders, extension ladders and combination ladders. All of our Fibreglass ladders are designed and built with an unbeatable commitment to build quality and durability.

Fibreglass Ladder Safety and Quality Standards

The entire range of fibreglass ladders have stiles insulated for protection up to 30,000 volts, therefore complying with EN61478 standards for safe use with electricity. This means that you can undertake electrical work safely in the knowledge that you are fully protected. A sizeable maximum load of 150kg across the range of GRP electricians ladders shows that these ladders are extremely strong and sturdy. These fibreglass ladders are extremely hard-wearing and are designed for intensive commercial use, perfect for the professional electrician.

GRP stepladders are superb for electricians working inside private homes and businesses. They are easy to carry around and will allow access to hard to reach high areas such as light fittings whilst providing a safe a comfortable working platform. The fibreglass extension ladders are ideal for working outside and combination ladders offer unrivalled flexibility for taking on all sorts of different tasks.

Choosing The Best Electricians Ladder

These premium quality fibreglass ladders are designed for professional use. We have a wide selection of different styles and configurations available.

Fibreglass Extension Ladders

Our fibreglass extension ladders are brilliant for outdoor work. Instead of a top rung, a pole bow is fitted. This will allow you to use the ladder safely against a column as well walls / flat surfaces. A heavy-duty rope extension mechanism makes for easy use and comfortable D-shaped rungs make standing on the fibreglass ladder for extended periods with no trouble at all.

Fibreglass Combination Ladders

Our innovative fibreglass combination ladders are great for reducing the amount of equipment that you need to carry. They offer the features of several ladders in one compact unit meaning you always have the right ladder for the job. 95% of ladder-related safety incidents involve the use of an inappropriate ladder, make sure you always have the right tool for the job by investing in a quality combination ladder.

The King Kombo model is great for those working outside and it also functions as a leaning ladder. Use this electricians ladder safely when you need to access inward or outward corners. The Dark Horse fibreglass ladders are fully articulating so they can function as a 90-degree ladder and even a scaffold system, making them extremely versatile and ideal for working in awkward areas.

Fibreglass Step Ladders

Our fibreglass step ladders include swingback, also know as traditional builders’ steps, and platform variants. The platform stepladders include a strong and stable 320mm x 248mm checker-plate platform for comfortable working. We also have a Mighty Lite lightweight model which still offers the same durability and strength in a lightweight package. A unique ‘ground cue’ provides an audible warning when you step onto the last tread, indicating that it is safe to step off the ladder.

Why Buy Fibreglass Ladders from First Mats?

At First Mats, we match our quality products with an unbeatable level of service to make for the best experience on the market. Our range of fibreglass ladders have been specially selected based on quality as well as affordability and can be sent with free UK delivery.

We pride ourselves on putting the customer first. In fact, we have a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot. If you have any questions about these electricians ladders or any of our other products, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team.