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Acid Storage Cabinets

Keep potentially hazardous fluids stored safely with... Keep potentially hazardous fluids stored safely with our Acid Storage Cabinets. Each cabinet is designed with a liquid-tight sump to prevent leaks from escaping from the acid cabinet, with regulation safety labels that alert users to the dangerous contents. Purchase... ˅

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Secure and Efficient Acid & Alkali Cabinets for Your Business

When it comes to storing hazardous substances in the workplace, safety is paramount. Our range of Acid & Alkali Cabinets provides the ultimate in secure and efficient storage for your business. Designed to meet stringent UK regulations, these cabinets ensure your acid and alkali substances are stored safely, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring a safer working environment.

Our Acid Storage Cabinets are robust and secure and offer an organised solution for your storage needs. You can customise your storage with adjustable shelves and various sizes available to suit your business requirements. Whether you're storing corrosive substances, flammable liquids or other hazardous materials, our cabinets are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, providing peace of mind for your business.

Explore our range of Acid & Alkali Cabinets today and discover how we can help you create a safer, more organised workspace. With our commitment to quality, safety, and efficiency, you can trust us to provide the best storage solutions for your business needs.

Key Features of Acid Storage Cabinets

Acid Storage Cabinets are a robust and secure storage solution for acids, alkalis, and other corrosive chemicals. Constructed from sturdy steel, they feature lipped shelves containing spills and a leak-proof welded sump to prevent leaks onto the floor. The door's two-point locking system ensures secure storage and prevents unauthorised access. These cabinets comply with all COSHH regulations, making them an essential addition to any facility handling dangerous chemicals.

Choosing the Right Acid Storage Cabinet

The size and type of Acid Storage Cabinet you require depends on the quantity of liquid you intend to store and the available space. Cabinets range from 70cm to 180cm in height, with options for wall-mounted and mobile units for added flexibility. Mobile cabinets, mounted on durable castor wheels, are ideal for safely transporting acids and alkalis around the workplace. With various options available, you can select a cabinet that best suits your company's storage needs.

Things to Consider

  • Safety standards: Ensure that the acid and alkali cabinets meet all relevant safety standards and regulations, such as COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations in the UK. This includes features like fire-resistant construction, proper ventilation, and appropriate labelling.
  • Material compatibility: Consider the materials used in the construction of the cabinets and their compatibility with the specific acids and alkalis you will be storing. The cabinets should resist corrosion and chemical reactions to ensure the safety of the stored substances.
  • Storage capacity: Evaluate the storage capacity of the cabinets to ensure they can accommodate the quantity of acids and alkalis you need to store. Consider the size and number of shelves, drawers, or compartments provided in the cabinets.
  • Accessibility and organisation: Look for cabinets that provide easy access to stored substances and allow for efficient organisation. Features like adjustable shelves, removable trays, or dividers can help in arranging and accessing the chemicals conveniently.
  • Spill containment: Check if the cabinets have spill containment features, such as built-in sumps or trays, to prevent leaks or spills from spreading and causing accidents. This is particularly important for corrosive substances.
  • Locking mechanisms: Consider the security features of the cabinets, such as sturdy locks or keypads, to prevent unauthorised access and ensure the safety of the stored chemicals.
  • Durability and maintenance: Assess the cabinets' durability and their wear and tear resistance. Cabinets made from high-quality materials will have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance, ensuring cost-effectiveness in the long run.
  • Compliance with storage guidelines: Ensure that the cabinets comply with the specific storage guidelines provided by the authorities or regulatory bodies for the acids and alkalis you will store. This may include requirements for ventilation, separation of incompatible substances, or specific labelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you store Acid and alkaline together?

No, it is not recommended to store Acid and alkali together. Acid and alkali are two different types of chemicals with opposite properties. Storing them together can lead to chemical reactions and potential hazards. It is important to store Acids and alkalis separately in designated cabinets designed to store each type of chemical safely. This ensures the safety of your workplace and minimises the risk of accidents or damage. Keeping Acid and alkali in separate cabinets can maintain a well-organised and safe environment for handling these chemicals.

How do you store acids and alkalis?

When it comes to storing acids and alkalis, it is crucial to prioritise safety and compliance. Our acid and alkali cabinets are designed to meet these hazardous substances' storage requirements. These cabinets are made from high-quality materials and feature robust construction to ensure durability and prevent leaks or spills.

Our cabinets are equipped with adjustable shelves, allowing you to efficiently organise and store your acids and alkalis. They also have secure locking mechanisms to restrict access and prevent unauthorised handling. Additionally, our cabinets are designed to provide proper ventilation, reducing the risk of chemical reactions and ensuring a safe storage environment.

By investing in our acid and alkali cabinets, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are storing these hazardous substances safely and competently. Protecting your employees, workplace, and the environment is our top priority, and our cabinets are designed to meet these needs effectively.

What is an acid storage cabinet?

An acid storage cabinet is a specialised storage solution designed to store and handle corrosive substances, such as acids, safely. These cabinets are constructed using materials resistant to acid corrosion, ensuring the safety of the stored chemicals and the surrounding environment. They typically feature acid-resistant coatings, spill containment trays, and ventilation systems to prevent the buildup of hazardous fumes. Acid storage cabinets are essential for laboratories, industrial facilities, and any other environment where acids are used, as they help to minimise the risk of accidents and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

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