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Parking Posts

Protect your parking space and your car with our premium British made Parking Posts. Whether it's the folding posts or our extra-secure removable versions, you are guaranteed to receive a product with a long lifespan in all weathers.
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Parking Posts

When considering purchasing a parking post there are a few key aspects to consider. These include the location where you require the post, the main function you are looking to achieve, and the level of security you require from the parking post.

Many of us have come across a time where we desperately need to reserve a space, however need more security than that of a household rubbish bin or just a sign. This is where parking posts come in, and offer a solution for this problem. Parking posts are ideal for home owners that need to reserve a car parking space. However, they also have many key benefits and increase the security of forecourts, private car parks and business premises.

Why use Parking Posts?

Parking posts allow you the choice of either having it upright, in order to stop others using the space or getting by, or you can fold, push or take out the post, to allow the space to be accessed or used freely.

A parking post is ideal if you need to restrict people, particularly vehicles into a certain area at given times. Parking in many major cities can be challenging, which increases the demand for these spaces. Many businesses need to restrict those accessing the spaces they have, in order to reserve them for clients of important visitors. Parking posts are also great if you are looking to increase the security at a given location. Private car parks can greatly benefit from the parking posts. Once all the vehicles have parked for the evening, simply lock a parking post in place to ensure that both nobody else can enter, but equally it maintains the safety of the cars parked, by ensuring they can’t get out and avoids any possibility of having the vehicles stolen.

Choosing the right Parking Post

There are different types of parking posts out there, however the three main versions, and those that we fully recommend are the folding parking post – padlocked, the folding parking post – integral and thirdly the removable parking post.


Folding Parking Post – Padlocked


The folding parking post padlocked version, is the preferred choice of parking space protection throughout Britain. This foldable parking post can be locked using any type of padlock you choose. It can be locked in place, in both the up and down position and features a polypropylene cap to protect against the The post includes a high visibility strip around the top, so that can be easily seen during any time of day. The overall base dimension for this product is 203 x 102mm.


Folding Parking Post – Integral


The folding parking post integral is an extremely durable design, similarly it offers a high visibility reflective band around the top. The main feature of this parking post is its integral locking mechanism. It works by the instructions of push-down to lock it in place and unlock the post by pressing down on the cap and rotating the key. The diameter of this parking post is 67mm.


Removable Parking Posts


The third type of parking post we recommend is the removable parking posts. These are typically locked overnight and removed during the day, and are more suited in business premises and forecourts that should only be accessed during certain hours. These parking posts are installed directly into the ground using a ground socket, which offers greater security due to the increased strength of the structure. There is also an option to have the removable parking post in either a padlocked version or the high security lock version depending on your needs and chosen location.

What are our Parking Posts made from?

All of the parking posts above are made from Galvanised steel or, for extra strength and durability. There is also a stainless-steel option available, if this is more appropriate to meet your needs. All of our posts are built to withstand all types of weathers and last for many years.

Why buy from First Mats?

Here at First Mats we are extremely proud to deliver top quality products, with excellent customer service. We boast a very impressive rating on Trust pilot of 4.9 out of 5, based on hundreds of reviews from a range of our recent clients. Not only are we passionate about delivering excellent customer service, we also work hard to ensure we offer exceptional value and speedy delivery.

In the unlikely event that our parking posts aren’t what you wanted, we operate a full returns service. Order online, or call our helpful team for more information and advice.