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Sheffield Cycle Stands

Our Sheffield Cycle Stands are a traditional... Our Sheffield Cycle Stands are a traditional and elegant way to keep bikes safely locked when parked, rather than using lampposts or handrails. All our Sheffeild Cycle Stands are made from strong and durable galvanised steel and can be purchased... ˅

More information about Sheffield Cycle Stands

For an ultra-simple but highly secure way for cyclists to secure their bikes outdoors, our Sheffield Cycle Stands are a highly effective and popular choice.

Sheffield cycle stands have a simple hoop design where cyclists can attach their bikes using any standard type of bicycle lock. The Sheffield Cycle Stand can be installed quickly and simply, allowing people to use it the very same day.

Why use Sheffield Cycle Stands?

In today’s modern world, we are being increasingly encouraged to think ‘green’ and use alternative modes of transport. This has encouraged many people across the country to cycle to work and public areas, instead of just jumping in the car.

However, many offices and town buildings are underprepared to cope with the increase in bicycles, resulting in bikes being attached to lamp posts and handrails. The Sheffield Cycle Stands provide an ideal solution to this problem, allowing people to quickly and securely store their bike.

Choosing the right Sheffield Cycle Stands

Selecting the Sheffield cycle stand you need depends on how many bikes you plan to store. Each of the rails or "hoops" is designed for two bikes, with one on each side.

We offer a range of Sheffield Cycle stands, with options from two rails (four bikes) up to eight rails (16 bikes) on a fixed stand. For more bikes, you can place multiple stands next to each other.

How to install Sheffield Cycle Stands

Sheffield cycle stands are designed to be installed quickly, made possible by the mounting rails they are connected to. Each rail is evenly spaced at 800mm apart and mounted onto 50mm x 50mm rails, so they can be attached on top of the floor surface with bolts (not included) or sunk into the ground and fixed in with concrete.

What are our Sheffield Cycles Stands made from?

All of our Sheffield Cycle stands are made from Galvanised steel. This ensures that they are both strong enough to provide security and are also weatherproof. The Galvanised steel and the protective coating is robust to prevent them from rusting.

Why buy your Sheffield Cycle Stands from First Mats?

Here at First Mats, we are extremely proud to deliver top-quality products, with excellent customer service. We have a very impressive rating on Trust pilot of 4.9 out of 5, based on hundreds of reviews. Not only are we passionate about delivering excellent customer service, we also work hard to ensure we offer exceptional value and speedy delivery.

You can order online, or if you have a question about the Sheffield cycle stands or any other product, please call our helpful team for more information and advice.

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