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Sheffield Cycle Stands

Our Sheffield Cycle Stands are a traditional and elegant way to keep bikes safely locked when parked, rather than using lampposts or handrails. All are made from strong and durable galvanised steel and can be purchased online with free UK delivery.
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Sheffield Cycle Stands

Are you looking for a solution to stop you from tripping and stumbling over bikes that are locked to lamp posts or railings? Well, this is where the Sheffield Cycle stand comes in.


Sheffield Cycle Stands are a traditional design of bicycle rack which are perfect for the workplace and across towns and cities. The Sheffield Cycle Stand design, is subtle and attractive, and fits in perfectly to contemporary surroundings. The design is a simple hoop where cyclists can store their bike securely using a bicycle lock. The strong design of the cycle stand will ensure that the bikes are kept safe when left. Moreover, they offer an easy and quick solution for the growing problem and current lack of secure cycle stands. The Sheffield Cycle Stand can be installed quickly and simply, allowing people to use them the very same day.

The Sheffield Cycle stand is 750mm above ground height, which perfectly complements a bicycle, without being too big or too small for the surroundings.  The diameter tube is 48mm with the base area covering 50x50mm. All of the rails are all evenly spaced at 800mm. This allows for bikes to be placed back to back, and still allow a sufficient amount of space for the owner to fit between to securely lock and unlock the bike. To increase the security of the stand, they are bolted to the ground.


Why use Sheffield Cycle Stands?


In today’s modern world, we are being increasingly encouraged to think ‘green’ and use alternative ‘greener’ modes of transport. This has encouraged many people across the country to cycle to work and public areas, instead of just jumping in the car. However, many offices and town buildings are finding themselves under prepared to cope with the increase in bicycles. This results in many people being forced to lock their bike to lamp posts or railings, which is both unsafe and can clog up the paths or walk ways, causing potential hazards outside the building. Moreover, many people are put off cycling to work or in to the town, as are worried that there isn’t anywhere secure for them to safely leave their bikes, and therefore stick to driving.


Sheffield Cycle Stands provide an ideal solution to this problem, keeping bikes protected and away from lampposts.


Choosing the right Cycle Stand

When deciding which Sheffield Cycle Stand is the right one for you, or your business, the main factor to consider is how many bicycles do you need to store. Our recommendation is a maximum of 2 bikes per rail, one secured to either side, to ensure the highest level of safety. Therefore the 3 rail stand, would suitable hold up to 6 bikes.

Here at First Mats we have a large range of Sheffield Cycle stands, offering options from a single rail up to 8 rails on a fixed stand. Obviously, if you require a stand to fit more than 16 bicycles, multiple stands can be purchased and fitted next to each other. The key benefit of the individual rails is that they can be used in an area where it will be placed in an uneven fashion, either for an aesthetic purposes or due to limited space. However, with the toast rack version, the distance between the rails is fixed making installation easier and often cheaper and can house an increased number of bicycles.

What are our Sheffield Cycles Stands made from?

All of our Sheffield Cycle stands here at First Mats are all made from Galvanised steel. This ensure that’s the Sheffield Cycle Stands are both strong to ensure security, but that they are also weatherproof. The Galvanised steel and the protective coating is high quality and will prevent any rusting occurring. This is key in ensuring these stands will last for many years. As well as this we can also make them from stainless steel too, so if you would prefer this, please enquire with us.


Why buy from First Mats?


Here at First Mats we are extremely proud to deliver top quality products, with excellent customer service. We have a very impressive rating on Trust pilot of 4.9 out of 5, based on over 485 different reviews from a range of our recent clients. Not only are we passionate about delivering excellent customer service, we also work hard to ensure we offer exceptional value and speedy delivery.


In the unlikely event that our Sheffield Cycle Stands aren’t what you wanted, we operate a full returns service. You can order online, or if you have an enquiry please call our helpful team for more information and advice.