Heavy Duty Leather Welding Gauntlets

These Heavy Duty Leather Welding Gauntlets are ideal for excellent protection against spatter and heat. The split cow hide leather with Kevlar stitching means that they are hard-wearing and highly durable, and they also feature additional leather stitched over the palm area for extra protection. They are comfortable to wear with a cotton lined cuff and soft fleece lining.

  • Heavy-duty extra-large welding gloves for excellent protection
  • Made from split cow hide leather with Kevlar stitching and additional leather on palm area for durability and protection
  • Soft fleece lining and cotton lined cuffs for extra comfort
  • Five year storage life in cool, dry conditions
  • Certified to EN 12477, Type A for high protection against heat

These gloves come in an extra-large size. In addition to be certified to EN12477, Type A, they are also rated to EN 388 3134X for protection against mechanical risks; and EN 407 41314X for protection against thermal risks. Please note that this product cannot be used for arc welding, and if wear, damage or deterioration occurs the gloves must be disposed of. A 1 year guarantee is included with this product.

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