Heavy-Duty Mobile Workbench with Top and Vices Fitted - 1000kg Load (4445100474403)

Heavy-Duty Mobile Workbench & Cabinet with Accessories

Our Heavy-Duty Mobile Workbench provides great durability and performance, alongside secure storage options. It is a highly robust mobile workbench designed for demanding industrial use (with 1000kg maximum weight load). It is easy to transport and comes with a chain vice and engineers vice.

  • UK-made, super-strong mobile workbench for demanding tasks
  • Strong wheels with brakes for easy transportation on-site
  • Integrated lockable cabinet to store tools and equipment
  • Includes chain vice, engineers vice, and wooden worktop
  • Has a maximum safe working load of 1000kg
  • Measures 120cm x 71cm x 94cm


Strong mobile workbench with easy manoeuvrability

This mobile workbench is easy to use due to high performance wheels and a robust braking system. It lets users transport tools on-site, or move the workbench into other areas without risk of injury or loss of equipment.

Secure storage options and added accessories

The Heavy-Duty Mobile Workbench with Top and Vices Fitted workbench comes complete with a secure lockable cabinet. The strong doors have 5-lever deadlocks to prevent unauthorised entry. An internal anti-jemmy system enhances the security.

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