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What are Swarf Mats?

Swarf Mats are a type of industrial floor matting designed to capture debris from machining and production processes whilst providing a safe and comfortable working area for the user.

There are a large number of different matting products available on the market which can be used for many different purposes or in different environments. Swarf Mats, on the other hand, exist for a very specific reason.

Swarf is the debris that is produced from a machining or finishing process. In a workshop, for example, lathes will spin metal into the correct shape producing lots of tiny flakes of metal that are flung in several directions including the floor.

The purpose of the Swarf Mat is to create a safe, comfortable standing area for an operative who is working in this kind of environment. The Mat helps to collect any swarf and debris and without it, the worker would be standing on a slippery and very uncomfortable surface. Liquids such as machining suds would also be free to spread across the floor creating a risk to more workers throughout the day.

How do Swarf Mats work?

There are several Swarf Mats in existence which have been designed in different ways, depending on the working environment.

Scraper Swarf Mat - Kitchens and Restaurants

kitchen swarf mat

In a commercial kitchen, cleanliness requirements are stringent and all precautions are taken to keep an area clean and free of contamination. One of the areas that is often overlooked is the floor. Food products can fall onto the floor during processing which can create a slip hazard if they become attached to the soles of workers’ footwear, as well as spreading bacteria from room to room.

The Assured Scraper kitchen mat removes food debris using a dense raised pattern of circles each with their own raised rubber fingers, which effectively scrapes the debris from the soles of footwear.

The Assured Scraper is made from a solid rubber enabling some fatigue reduction as well as offering excellent slip and wear resistance. It is made from 100% Nitrile Rubber making it suitable for areas with Oil, Grease and Water which would make a standard rubber mat become mis-shapen.

View Product - https://www.firstmats.co.uk/products/assured-scraper-kitchen-swarf-mat-anti-fatigue-mat

Catcher Swarf Mat - Workshops and Factories

Swarf Catch Mat

Another type of Swarf Mat, commonly seen in workshops, is the Swarf Catcher. This mat features a pattern of holes designed to capture swarf and contain it within a small area. Metallic Swarf is a regular occurrence in any area operating drills, lathes and other machines.

The holes allow the finer flakes of metallic swarf to fall into the small wells created by the holes whilst helping to capture larger pieces from an operative’s footwear. This type of mat also helps to contain the suds and other machining fluids within the mat area reducing the slip hazard greatly.

The Swarf Catcher, made from hardwearing NBR rubber, offers a very good balance of Anti-Fatigue, Anti-Slip and wear resistance properties.

View Producthttps://www.firstmats.co.uk/products/swarf-catch-swarf-mat-anti-slip-mat

Tacky Swarf Mats - Hospitals and Clean Rooms

Tacky Mats

Swarf isn’t only the result of a production process, it can be any loose unwanted particle. In a hospital or clean area environment, where cleanliness is critical, the associated swarf tends to be much smaller particles like dust, dirt and other elements you’d expect to find on the soles of shoes.

A traditional rubber Swarf Mat isn’t going to solve the problem as particles caught by a mat from one person could be picked up again by another. The solution is to use a tacky mat, featuring a sticky surface to pick up the small dirt particles using a glued surface.

The mats contain several sheets which can be peeled off and replaced when they are well covered.

View Producthttps://www.firstmats.co.uk/products/tacky-step-mat

How much do Swarf Mats Cost?

The price of a Swarf Mat can vary greatly, ranging from £24.50 to £209.00 in the First Mats range, but check the suitability rather than just opting for the lowest cost option as mats are made from different material grades to make them suitable for different environments.

Either way, the cost of a Swarf Mat is insignificant compared with the losses that could be incurred following a slip injury. Protecting your workforce also protects your business, so investing in a swarf mat is highly recommended.

Examples of Use

Swarf Mats are used in a number of different environments, these include;

  • Workshops - To catch machine swarf
  • Kitchens - Food production swarf
  • Hospitals - Dirt swarf from feet and wheels
  • Laboratories - To capture swarf from cleanliness sensitive areas
  • Restaurants - To catch food spillages before entering the dining areas
  • Garages - Dirt, oil and other debris can be isolated by a Swarf Mat
  • Factories - Anywhere with a production process resulting in loose debris

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