200kg Capacity Stainless Steel Sack Truck (4627784695843)

200kg Capacity Stainless Steel Sack Truck

Transport heavy loads of food and other catering items with this 200kg Capacity Stainless Steel Sack Truck.

Its stainless steel frame makes it ideal for kitchens, catering operations and other settings where hygiene is critical, as the sack truck can be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised after use. And its ergonomic design reduces the risk of manual handling injuries associated with transporting very heavy loads.

  • Manufactured in the UK from sheet and tube stainless steel for strength and cleanliness, making it suitable for the food and drinks industry
  • Fitted with safety hand protectors
  • Moves easily on wheels and durable solid rubber tyres, with no risk of flat tyres
  • In line with HSE advice on reducing manual handling injuries in the catering industry (CAIS 24)

This premium sack truck is delivered free of charge in mainland UK within 20 days.


  • Overall: 1,175mm (h) x 535mm (w)
  • Toe: mm 200mm (l) x 420mm (w)
  • Back frame: 965mm (h) x 420mm (w)
  • Wheel diameter: 200mm
  • Weight: 12kg

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